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2018 Visitors

Prof. Dr. Kai Roßnagel
Univ. Kiel
"Femto-stroboscopic photoemission of quantum materials: From the extreme ultraviolet to hard X-rays”
Date: 13.12.2018

Prof. Dr. Gerd Schönhense
Univ. Mainz
"Multidimensional photoemission data recording”
Date: 29.11.2018

Prof. Dr. Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Univ. Duisburg-Essen
"Watch the atoms moving: Femtosecond ultrafast electron diffraction at surfaces”
Date: 08.11.2018

Prof. Dr. Takashi Yamada
Osaka Univ., Japan
"Spectroscopic and microscopic investigations of unoccupied states at the organic/substrate interface”
Date: 29.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Masahiro Shibuta
Keio Univ., Yokohama, Japan
"Photocarrier dynamics in organic functional films studied by two-photon photoemission spectroscopy and microscopy”
Date: 29.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Mats Fahlman
Linköping Univ., Sweden
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Ternary organic bulk heterojunction solar cells”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Satoshi Kera
Chiba Univ., Japan
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Evolution of electron localization upon assembling the molecules on the surface ”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Jiong Lu
Nat. Univ. of Singapore
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Recent STM studies of single molecule and defect in gated 2D material devices”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Masahiro Shibuta
Keio Univ., Yokohama, Japan
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Spectroscopy and imaging of photocarriers in organic functional films probed by two-photon photoemission”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Petra Tegeder
Heidelberg Univ.
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Formation of occupied and unoccupied hybrid bands at interfaces between metals and organic molecules”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Yoishi Yamada
Tsukuba Univ., Japan
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Exploring the structure-property relationships of the well-ordered organic films”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Jun Yoshinobu
Tokyo Univ., Japan
ASOMEA-IX, Schluchsee: "Gas exposure effects on monolayer pentacene FET studied by using non-invasive GaIn probes”
Date: 23.10.-26.10.2018

Prof. Dr. Akio Kimura
Hiroshima Univ. Grad. School of Science, Japan
"Magnetically doped topological insulators”
Date: 20.07.2018

Prof. Dr. Ewan Wright
Optical Science Centre, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson AZ/USA
"A brief history of optical filamentation in strong field light propagation: from recurrent collapse to megafilaments”
Date: 21.06.2018

Prof. Dr. Ralph Claessen
Universität Würzburg
"Topological Insulators go Elemental”
Date: 07.06.2018

Prof. Dr. Peter Zeppenfeld
Uni Linz, Austria
"Optical spectroscopy of surfaces, thin films and nano-structures”
Date: 24.05.2018

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wagner
Fraunhofer Inst. f. Angewandte Festkörperphysik, Freiburg
"Quantum Cascade Lasers for Spectroscopy - Concepts and Use Cases”
Date: 17.05.2018

Prof. Dr. Alexander Tkatchenko
Univ. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
"First-Principles Modeling of Molecular Polymorphism in Crystals and on Surfaces<"br /> Date: 03.05.2018

Prof. Dr. Alfred Leitenstorfer
Universität Konstanz
"Subcycle Quantum Physics of Electrons and Photons"
Date: 26.04.2018

Dr. Marcel Reutzel
Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA/USA
"High-Order Multiphoton Photoemission from Noble Metal Surfaces"
Date: 26.04.2018

Prof. Dr. Ermin Malic
Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Gothenborg, Sweden
Winter School WUPCOM 2018: “Dark exciton dynamics in atomically thin 2D nanomaterials”
Date: 06.-09.03.2018

Suguru Ito
University of Tokyo, Japan
"Revealing electronic properties of semimetal bismuth via the systematic modulation on the nanoscale"
Date: 07.02.2018

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heinzmann
Universität Bielefeld, Germany
"Attosecond delays in photoemission and their relation to phase resolved photoelectron spectroscopy"
Date: 01.02.2018

Oliver MacLean
University of Toronto, Canada
"Reaction Dynamics of Hot Molecules at Surfaces"
Date: 22.01.2018

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