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2017 Invited Talks

Michael Gottfried
Surface and Interface Chemistry of Reactive Tetrapyrroles
Colloquium, Universität Mainz

Ulrich Höfer
Influence of surface dipoles on unoccupied bands and its electron dynamics
Workshop on Modern Trends in Molecular Dynamics and Electron Correlation at Surfaces and Interfaces, Donostia – San Sebastián, Spain

Sangam Chatterjee
Crystalline heterostructures with defined molecular orientations: model systems for exciton studies
CECAM-Workshop: Charge carrier dynamics in nanostructures: optoelectronic and photo-stimulated processes, Bremen

Ulrich Höfer
Ultrafast dynamics of electron transfer processes at model contacts between metals and organic semiconductors
Int. Workshop on Contacts in Nanosystems: Interaction, Control, and Quantum Dynamics, Goslar

Kerstin Volz
Interfaces in semiconductor heterostructures: Requirements for quantitative, atomically-resolved STEM imaging and their intrinsic structure
MC2017 Microscopy Conference 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland

Ulrich Höfer
Momentum space view of the ultrafast dynamics of surface photocurrents on topological insulators
Optics Seminar, Stanford University, Stanford, CA/USA

Michael Gottfried
Synthetic Surface Chemistry: Formation of Macrocycles and Nanostructures in Confinement
funCOS Seminar (FOR 1878: Functional Molecular Structures on Complex Oxide Surfaces), Erlangen

Ulrich Höfer
Ultrafast dynamics of electron transfer processes at metal/organic interfaces
Int. Conf. on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces, Hanover, Germany

Michael Gottfried
Surface science of reactive aromatic molecules
IWSP-2017, 8th Int. Workshop on Surface Physics, Wrocław, Poland

Kerstin Volz
III-V semiconductors containing dilute amounts of foreign atoms: from MOVPE growth to device applications
European Workshop on MOVPE, Grenoble, France

Kerstin Volz
Atomically resolved insights into semiconductor heterointerfaces
MSM-XX Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, Oxford, UK

Sangam Chatterjee
Ultrafast relaxation dynamics in model crystalline molecular heterostructures
Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics II, Anaheim, CA/USA

Stephan W. Koch
Microscopic modelling of nonequilibrium effects in VECSELs
AFOSR Nonlinear Optics Meeting, Arlington, VA/USA

Ulrich Höfer
Ultrafast views of electron motion at surfaces and internal interfaces
Peter Grünberg Institut, FZ Jülich

Christoph Möller
The development and fundamental analysis of type-II VECSEL at 1.2 µm
SPIE Photonics West, Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VECSELs) VII, San Francisco, CA/USA

Ulrich Höfer
Momentum space view of the ultrafast dynamics of surface photocurrents on topological insulators
Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XXI, San Francisco, CA/USA

Jens Güdde
Investigation of the intervalley scattering dynamics in MoS2 by two-photon photoemission with a high-harmonic probe at 100-kHz repetition rate
Workshop on Time-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy from tabletop UV and HHG laser sources, Synchrotrons and FELs: experiments and challenges, Trieste, Italy

Ulrich Höfer
Ultrafast dynamics of electrons in surface states of topological insulators
Symposium on Surface Science & Nanotechnology – 25th Anniversary of SSSJ Kansai , Kyoto, Japan

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