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2020 Invited Talks

Ulrich Höfer
Plenary Talk: Ultrafast Time-Resolved Investigations of Electron Transport at Surfaces and Internal Interfaces
European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS 35), Luxembourg

Kerstin Volz
Quantitive STEM for semiconductor interfaces
European Microscopy Congress 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

Michael Dürr
Semiconductor surface chemistry beyond thermal activation: Surface reactions on Si(001) controlled by electronic and vibrational excitation
ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Ulrich Höfer
Plenary Talk: THz-ARPES band structure movies of Dirac surface currents
DPG Annual Spring Meeting of the Section Condensed Matter, Dresden

Sangam Chatterjee
Excitation dynamics in single-crystalline heterostructures with defined molecular orientations
3rd Int. Conference on Material Science (ICMS2020), Tripura, India

Ulrich Höfer
Ultrafast time-resolved investigations of electron transport at surfaces and internal interfaces
Symposium on Surface and Nano Science 2020 SSNS'20, Iwate, Japan

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