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The Marburger Neurodynamics Group - Project Overview 

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The Neurodynamics Group at the Institute of Physiology, University of Marburg, Germany is concerned with electrophysiological experiments, data analysis and modelling of neuronal encoding and neuromodulatory processes in peripheral sensory receptors and hypothalamic neurones including computer modelling studies of affective disorders. Our aim is the understanding of neuronal systems dynamics at different levels and to elucidate their common functional principles. In parallel, we are developing teaching software with virtual computer laboratories for practice oriented learning.

Project 1: Sensory Encoding

Stimulus Encoding in Thermo- and Electrosensitive Skin Receptors

Experiments beyond the laboratory rat also describing, for example, the exquisite sensitivity of sharks, boa constrictor and vampire bats.

Project 2: Hypothalamic Neurons

Integrativ Funktions of Neurons

How neuronal information processing takes advantage of impulse patterns and nonlinear dynamics and why this impairs the prediction of stimulus encoding.

Project 3: Neuron Models

Computer Models of Neuronal Encoding

Oscillations, chaos and noise: complex neuronal dynamics with simplified Hodgkin-Huxley type equations in excellent agreement with the experimental data.


Project 4: Psychiatry Models

Computer Simulations of the Time Course of Psychiatric Disorders

Progression of psychiatric disorders can be simulated in remarkable details with disturbances of autonomous nonlinear feedback systems.

Project 5: Nonlinear Systems

Data Analysis and Nonlinear Systems Theory

Elucidates the impact of nonlinear dynamics with cooperative " noise" effects in comparison of experimental data and computer simualtions

Project 6: Teaching Software

Computer Simulations for Teaching (www.virtual-physiology.com)

Virtual computer laboratories for experimentation almost like in the real world towards a better understanding of biolocical functions - much more than animated electronic text-books,


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