The Concept of International Crimes: A Multidisciplinary Approach

ICWC-Monatskolloquium im Oktober 2018


24. Oktober 2018 16:15

Bibliothek des ICWC, Universitätsstraße 7, 3. Stock

Am 24. Oktober 2018 referiert Herr Taxiarchis Fiskatoris, wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am ICWC, im Rahmen des ICWC-Monatskolloquiums zum Thema "The Concept of International Crimes: A Multidisciplinary Approach".

Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Thematik:

Whilst very few scholars have attempted to define the concept of international crimes, most of the mainstream legal literature seems to take for granted that international crimes coincide more or less with the subject-matter jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. This paper will challenge the above perception, analysing the concept in question through a multidisciplinary looking glass. After having substantiated the absence of a flawless legal theory which justifies the distinction between “international (core) crimes” and “transnational crimes”, the paper will then approach the concept from a sociological/criminological and a historical perspective, which will corroborate its central thesis that the notion of international crimes is in fact much wider than commonly perceived.

Wie immer sind alle Interessierten zum ICWC-Monatskolloquium herzlich eingeladen!


Herr Taxiarchis Fiskatoris (ICWC)


Internationales Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum Kriegsverbrecherprozesse (ICWC)