Reception of Antiquity in Political Cartoons

Vortrag im Studium Generale im Wintersemester 2019/20


16. Oktober 2019 20:15 – 16. Oktober 2019 21:45

Audimax im Hörsaalgebäude (+2/0010), Biegenstraße 14, 35037 Marburg

Many thousands of editorial cartoons in popular and prominent newspapers make classical references, which use (and abuse) Greek and Roman visual myths, events or statesmen, to mock current affairs. There has been a spike in the production of such images between 2010-2016 during the so-called Greek crisis. The approach is multidisciplinary, combining the analysis of media visual strategies both ancient and modern and political history. The aim is to study political cartoons from the point of view of classical reception, the history of the reception of Antiquity in contemporary visual media. By uncovering what seems to be a common cultural heritage still very much alive and shared by the mass media, I am to shed new light on the deep identity crisis that is tearing through Europe.


Dr. Alexandre Mitchell
Klassische Archäologie, Brüssel / Oxford


Marburger Centrum Antike Welt