01.12.2021 Guest Lecture Viez & Töchter GmbH

Viez & Töchter GmbH is a Marburg-based beverage start-up that produces fermented tea drinks for adults. Through fermentation, the start-up is able to naturally produce a drink with many flavours and only a little alcohol. In addition, value is placed on organic ingredients. True to the motto: moments of pleasure without drawbacks.

The Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovative Business Models is happy to welcome the Managing Director, Holger Sommerlad, for a guest lecture in the “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” module.

When & where?
8th December, 2021 (10:15 am)
The guest lecture will be conducted in German and take place online

For all of those who are curious to learn more about the Viez & Töchter GmbH, send us an email to entrepreneurship@wiwi.uni-marburg.de