Upcoming seminars

Regular schedule during summer and winter term: Tuesday, 2:00 pm (c.t.)
Format: Talks in VIRTUAL environment
Link: https://webconf.hrz.uni-marburg.de/b/kon-sy2-vf6-uew
(Location: Room No. E273, Second floor, Chemistry Department, University of Marburg, Hans-Meerwein-Str. 4, 35032 Marburg)

  • 2022, Nov. 22
    Dr. Elke Fasshauer, University of Tübingen, Germany
    "How (not) to measure lifetimes of electronic decay processes"

  • 2022, Dec. 7 (Wednesday, 5pm)
    Prof. Barbara Kirchner, University of Bonn, Germany
    "How large are uncertainties in computational chemistry?" (GDCh with TCK)

  • 2022, Dec. 21 (Wednesday, 3pm)
    Prof. Sergey I. Bokarev, TU Munich, Germany
    "Spectroscopy and Dynamics of molecules in highly-excited states"

  • 2023, Jan. 11 (Wednesday, 5pm)
    Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger, Massey University Auckland, New Zealand
    "When gold meets relativity"
    (Hellmann Lecture with GDCh)

  • 2023, Jan. 12 (Thursday, 2pm)
    Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger, Massey University Auckland, New Zealand
    "From Lennard-Jones to Max Born, Erwin Madelung, Adolf Hurwitz, and Paul
    Epstein: A Mathematical Journey through Lattices, Lattice Sums and Phase Transitions"

  • 2023, Jan. 17
    Prof. Hilke Bahmann, University of Wuppertal, Germany
    lexible hybrid density functionals for the electronic structure at interfaces"

  • 2023, Jan. 31
    Prof. Patrick Bultinck, University of Ghent, Belgium
    "The Ghent zoo of unconventional ab initio methods"

  • 2023, Feb. 7