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Multiplier Events

INCOPS develops guidelines and strategies to include work-based learning (WBL) in the curricular of programs in the field of Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PCS). Next to the intellectual outputs, the project is also concerned with sharing these practical experiences as well as with creating an exchange with practitioners and an interested academic public. For that, INCOPS organizes multiplier events.

Multiplier events bring together different kind of stakeholders - both academic and non-academic actors from the PCS community and the wider public. The consortium suggests to conduct three multiplier events - the first event focusing on perspectives of practitioners, (non-academic) project partners and experts on WBL, whereas the second event aims at exchanging with the academic community, while the third event targets academic staff, students and internship institutions.

  • E1: Multiplier Event (11.07.2023)

    This Multiplier Event was organised by Kent. During this Multiplier Event the practices and ideas developed in the five intellectual outputs were presented to a public audience. For this, a braod audience was invited including all INCOPS partners, their colleagues, and non-academic partners from the field of peace, conflict and security. The Multiplier Event aimed at disseminating our project's findings and creating new synergies. It was meant to initiate a first exchange in discussions of the outputs, furthermore to make our outputs available for other programmes to encourage the integration of our findings. The discussion gave impulses for the reflection of the project, inputs for future direction beyond the project as well as more generally the potentials of integrating practices of WBL.
    In addition to the personal meeting between INCOPS partners the event intended the creation of a network of strong and interested partners in order to guarantee the success and sustainability of the project.

  • E2: Multiplier Event (09.11.2022) - RISING Global Peace Forum 2022 in Coventry (UK)

    Photo: Frank Grundig

    RISING Global Peace Forum is a unique three-way partnership between Coventry University - as represented by the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) -, the Cathedral and the City Council. The Forum builds on Coventry’s status as the City of Peace and Reconciliation and seeks to share ideas about what it takes to build and sustain peaceful and to inspire innovative strategies for resolving violent conflict. For this, RISING gathers peacebuilders, policymakers and academics from around the world and likewise invites the public to participate in the events.
    The theme of the Forum 2022 was ‘Digital Peace’, taking place from 9th - 11th November. Both generally and in specific situations, the Forum was exploring how peace can be both built and destroyed through use of digital media. This focus included the use of cyber technology in creating conflict and tensions and how digital media can be used at international, national, community and individual level both to undermine trust and security and to enhance cohesive communities.

    The INCOPS partners presented the project on the first day of RISING 2022 with a particular focus on digital methods regarding their potential and their challenges for the integration of theory and practice in the field of Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PCS). David Curran from the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) at Coventry University (UK) presented the consortium, the current state of the project and the research questions the INCOPS project focuses on. Moreover, Stéphane Voell and Lena Runge from the Center for Conflict Studies at the Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany) introduced the audience to the consortium's idea of using a Service Learning inspired approach to integrate theory and practice in the field of PCS. Furthermore, Louise Brown presented her perspectives as a student at the CTPSR on the importance and factual implementation of the integration of theory and practice in her study program.

  • E3: Multiplier Event (14.07.2023) - Marburg

    This multiplier event took part in the context of the Closing Conference in July 2023. It aimed at distributing the final results of the INCOPS project and at presenting them, making a holistic approach available. Further, it was a great opportunity to establish sustainable contacts and knowledge alliances.
    One key aspect was the discussion of the project's policy recommendations. Its outcomes will be integrated in the final version. The event was a milestone in the whole project, because it was important to show working structures how the project basis can be used in the future in practical contexts and applied practice.

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