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Transnational Project Meetings

The transnational project meetings (M1-4) of INCOPS are events organised by one of the project's participating organisations with the purpose of project implementation and coordination.

  • M1: Kick-off Meeting (23.02.2021)

    This meeting was organised by Utrecht and had to take place online. M1 provided the consortium members with the opportunity to further elaborate on the expectations and  responsibilities of the project based on the final project approval.

    The focus of this meeting was a) exchange of consortium members’ rights and duties based on the grant approval notification (e.g. reporting duties, deadlines, etc.) as well as the  quality assurance plan (qualitative and quantitative benchmarks and measures) or the progress report template and b) the final agreements on details concerning each partner’s project responsibilities and the transition between and interlocking of individual contributions.

    Photo: Stéphane Voell / Screenshot Cisco Webex

  • M2: Transnational Project Meeting (17.-18.11.2021)

    Photo: Lara Sander

    This first face-to-face meeting was organised by Marburg and designed as a two-day event. M2 provided the consortium members with the opportunity to strengthen the common ground for future cooperation and further discuss the latest progress as well as future procedure in the project.

    The meeting was aiming at a) providing impulses for the guiding questions of the project also with regards to the impact of the Covid-19-pandemic, b) coordinating necessary preparations for the completion of the project’s first interim report and c) discussing the latest progress of Intellectual Output 2, its research priorities and procedure in the coming weeks.

    In addition, the partners presented the project and its progress at an off-project conference on practice transfer in teaching in peace and conflict research in Marburg.

  • M3: Transnational Project Meeting (03.-04.03.2022)

    Group Picture INCOPS Transnational Project Meeting
    Photo: Andreea Bianca Urs

    This meeting was organised by Cluj and likewise combined with the second Learning, Teacing, Training Activity. M3 provided the consortium members with the opportunity to exchange and elaborate on stakeholders’ needs and competences with regard to WBL activities in the integration of theory and practice in the field of peace, conflict and security studies.

    The meeting’s focus lied on a) exchanging preliminary results of the focus group interviews regarding Intellectual Output 2, b) outlining stakeholder-specific needs and competences concerning best practices in internships and other WBL activities and c) coordinating the planned progress and necessary timeline this year.

    Moreover, research results on WBL competences were presented by researchers of the Babeș-Bolyai University and were discussed with the partners. Furthermore, the partners took part in a Delphi method analysis on acquiring competences through internships according to the goals of UN Global Citizenship Education.