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E-Tools and COIL for Work-based Learning (O3)


Duration: 03/2022-03/2023
Work Package Leader: Coventry
Team: David Curran (Coventry), Miho Taka (Coventry), Frank Grundig (Kent)

The third Work Package of the INCOPS project, known as Tools of Work-based Learning (O3), aims to enhance the integration of Work-based Learning (WBL) into study programs using the INSPIRE approach (Integrating Service Learning in Peace & Conflict Studies Internships, O4). O3 focuses on the provision of a digital toolkit enabling student collaboration, connectivity with educators, and communication during and after internships.

The toolkit functions as a repository of best practices, an exchange platform, and a support tool for students engaged in internships away from their study location. It facilitates communication within the INCOPS network, allowing students undergoing internships to share experiences across universities. Additionally, the platform intends to enable future communication with organizations offering internships.


Incops Report #3

The report advocates for the integration of internship and volunteer modules from Higher Education Institutes into a COIL framework. This innovative approach brings educators and learners from diverse institutions and countries together in an online space, fostering collaborative learning experiences.

Curran, David, Miho Taka and Frank Grundig (2023) Technical Solutions to Work-based Learning in Peace, Conflict & Security Studies. INCOPS Report #3.

 Coventry and Kent collaborated on an approach using Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), fostering virtual mobility experiences. COIL projects facilitate real-time or asynchronous communication among students gaining experience in distant organizations, enabling cross-border collaboration and shared problem-solving.

Derived from insights gained in prior project phases (O1 and O2), the development of this toolkit was guided by the requirements established in the INSPIRE approach. Specialists from Coventry University's Office for Teaching and Learning advised on the framework necessary for successful integration of COIL forms of learning into the INCOPS project during a Learning, Training, and Teaching Activity (LTTA) in Coventry (C4).

While the proposal for INCOPS was initially developed in 2019 with substantial knowledge about online teaching in the consortium, the experiences of digitally supported teaching during the pandemic unveiled new possibilities. There was a realization that existing online tools developed globally in recent years were highly beneficial, eliminating the need for new tool programming or adaptation.

Originally planned sequentially before the development of INSPIRE in O4, O3 ran in parallel with O4 to allow for concurrent idea development and adjustments. Consequently, while O3 commenced in March 2022, its completion date was extended to Spring 2023, allowing for the integration of feedback from the pilot INSPIRE program into the toolkit guidelines.

Note: In the application this work package was named as "Tools of Work-based Learning: The E-Learning Platform"

Integration of Work-based Learning in Conflict, Peace and Security Studies (INCOPS)

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