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Tools of Work-based Learning: the E-Learning Platform (O3)

O3 is a digital tool or toolset which aims to secure a continuing issue specific connection between stakeholders during a placement. We assume that there is a general need to stay connected during a placement in order to fully engage with the needs and interests of all stakeholders. To achieve this, we will develop new and/or adapt existing e-learning tools.

The connection between academic knowledge and practical application always raises the question of mobility. In many Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PCS) programmes, an internship abroad is mandatory and PCS students also have experience in volunteer work outside university. In this sense, INCOPS also wants to address the question of how the distance between the location and the student can be bridged in order to accompany students. Prior to this project the offices for digital teaching at participating institutions evaluated existing provisions. Based on the knowledge gained in these preparatory talks and in accordance with the needs expressed in the preparatory work of INCOPS, digital solutions will be defined. For this purpose, first a report will be prepared, which precisely identifies the digital needs based on discussions at the workshops related to O2. According to the prior conversations between all partners, each university already features a variety of different technical support programmes, but they are not fully adapted to specific disciplinary needs. Therefore, this intellectual output consists of two parts: 1) a report on what technical solutions are needed for online and distance learning and teaching, based on the experience of the project partners; and 2) the integration of the needs into an existing platform to address the challenges of integrating WBL and combining technical solutions.

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