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Models of Work-based Learning: Experience Report (O4)

O4 is dedicated to applying our findings and recommendations from the first phase of the project (published in O1 & O2). Ideally, the tools developed (O3) will also be applied in the later stage of this second phase. O4 will summarize our findings and conclusions from the second phase, so that best practices and challenges for the application of Work-based Learning (WBL) in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PCS) are made available to the PCS community and the wider public. Therefore, after the different forms of knowledge collection on WBL in PCS in the first phase, these are now to be applied and reflected on in practice in the second phase. This will be done in close cooperation with non-academic partners. The reflections result in evidence based guidelines, which form the core of O4.

For the practical phase of INCOPS, we focus on internship placement, but we assume that results can easily be transferred to other areas of WBL. For this practical phase, the partners will identify interested students who would like to do an internship in Germany. In the run-up to the project, numerous discussions have already been held with various partners, many of whom have already signalled their interest by means of letters of intent. The students of the partner universities will now be accommodated by the partners and intensively supported by the Marburg side. This includes supervision meetings, regular visits and close supervision, but also the feedback to academic knowledge that is needed in the project work. Actually, we will apply the findings published in O1 and O2 to practical placement abroad. The digital tools developed in O3 are also used in this phase, but are constantly adapted through practical experience and needs. For this reason, both intellectual outputs are planned simultaneously and also interlinked in terms of personnel. The respective preparation and follow-up work is carried out by the partners themselves, yet a joint reflection of the results is carried out jointly at the transnational project meeting (interim meeting 2) in Coimbra. A first reflection on the results will be made available at the multiplier event M 1, where the ongoing process will be discussed in a reflection laboratory.

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