04.05.2023 ProLOEWE Day at Synmikro

Photo: Zina Morbach

On May 4th, 2023, the ProLOEWE network of coordinators of LOEWE research clusters and research centers met in Marburg at the Center for Synthetic Microbiology (Synmikro) for a day of learning and networking. After a greeting by Prof Anke Becker, speaker of the ProLOEWE Board of Directors and coordinator of the LOEWE research cluster Tree-M, Sven Gettys provided an informative workshop on the use of social media in science communication. Finally, the group visited the Chemikum and learned about their work as an extracurricular place of learning, and finished the day with networking over dinner. We hope everyone enjoyed their time in Marburg, as it was a great opportunity for the project coordinators to exchange ideas and learn from the other projects' experiences. 

What is ProLOEWE?

"ProLOEWE unites LOEWE research centres and LOEWE research clusters with more than 1,400 Researchers in 2018. Their work is made possible through LOEWE, Hessen’s excellence programme – and hence by the general public. The subjects addressed range from medical research, innovative applied technologies and fundamental research in the natural sciences to cultural and social issues. Research is team work, often reaching beyond the borders of subject disciplines and individual institutions. Through ProLOEWE, the research initiatives are seeking to enhance their cooperation."

From the ProLOEWE website


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