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15. March 2018 - We congratulate Peter Veto to his successful PhD defense on "The connection between action and perception"

30. January 2018 -
From the Queen's gazette: " Brainy international research collaboration receives renewed funding".

28. November 2017- We congratulate Ezgi Arikan to her successful PhD defense on "Perception for multisensory action".

10. November
2017- We congratulate Tobias Möhler to his successful PhD defense on "Visual attention for perception and action during saccadic eye and reach movement plannig".

10. November 2017 - We congratulate Jing Chen to his successful PhD defense on "Keeping track of moving targets".

September 2017 - We congratulate Benjamin Knopp to his Best Poster Award at the NCM.

June 2017 - Anna Heuer won the Marburg University prize for the best dissertation. We congratulate.

09. March 2017 - We congratulate Fabian Helm for achieving second place in the Reinhard-Daugs-Förderpreis.

29. November 2016 - Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung published an interview with Katja Fiehler (see here)

25. November 2016 - We congratulate Mathias Klinghammer to his successful PhD defense on “Investigating spatial reference frames for reaching in a naturalistic scenario”

25. November 2016 - We congratulate Fabian Helm to his successful PhD defense on “Execution and perception of effector-specific movement deceptions”

23. November 2016 - The guidelines for the startup-funding have been updated. The document can be found here. And under the navigation point 'Forms'

27. Oktober 2016 - We congratulate Anna Heuer to her successful PhD defense on "Flexible updating of visual working memory - The joint roles of attention and action".

26. Oktober 2016 - We congratulate Vivian Paulun to her successful PhD defense on "Material perception for action".

19. September 2016 - We congratulate Scott Murdison to his successful PhD defense on "3D considerations for motion perception and visuomotor transformations".

September 2015 -
We congratulate Immo Schütz to his successful PhD defense on "Reference frames for immediate and memory-guided actions in the human visuo-motor system".

January 2016 -
The DFG interviewed Prof. Douglas Crawford and Scott Murdison about their experiences with the Canadian - German partnership in the IRTG. You can read the Interview here.

June 2016 - Canadian doctoral student visited Frank Bremmer's lab: Scott Murdison's research visit in Germany

April 2015 - We congratulate Stefan Dowiasch to his successful PhD defense on "Visual perceptual stability and the processing of self-motion information: neurophysiology, psychophysics and neuropsychology".

April 2015 - We congratulate Svenja Marx to her successful PhD defense on "Ambiguous perception and selective attention - Competetive processes in complex scenarios".

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