21.06.2023 Introduction to Entrepreneurship / Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Foto: Alexander Klein

Introduction to Entrepreneurship / Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the upcoming winter semester 2023/24, the research groups of "Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models" (Professor Procher) and "Technology and Innovation Management" (Professor Stephan) will jointly offer a practice-oriented entrepreneurship module for all Bachelor students.

The course aims to provide an overview of the most important topics within the entrepreneurial process. The course consists of two parts, 11 online units and an application-oriented learning unit in presence. The online learning units allow students to learn at their own pace and the order of topics can be tackled flexibly. The topics covered range from classical entrepreneurship subjects, such as business modelling, business plan creation, and financing, to other business management aspects, such as marketing and leadership, as well as soft skills like creativity and entrepreneurial mindset. The online units will be made available to all students on 3. November 2023 and must be completed before the exam.

The practical part of the course is characterized by a 5-day practice-oriented project phase at the university. Here, students are expected to approach current societal questions and problems from an entrepreneurial perspective. Through customer-centric approaches, an agile entrepreneurial process will be practically experienced. The practical phase takes place in two different groups at the following times:

  • Group 1: 30. October – 3. November 2023
  • Group 2: 4. December – 8. December 2023

At the beginning of the course, all students will be allocated to one of the two groups. In order to pass the course, participation during the 5-day project phase is mandatory.

The final exam consists of a 1-hour written test, which is scheduled for mid-December. The course will, therefore, end in December before Christmas holidays if students decide to take the first examination date.

Students can register for this course in MARVIN either via the module Introduction to Entrepreneurship (by Prof. Procher) or the module Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship (by Prof. Stephan). The content is the same (as described above) and will be jointly offered by both research groups.

For further information:

Please visit the website of the Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models Research Group

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice-oriented lecture!