• Foto: Gunnar Werncke

Werncke group

The Werncke group is working with complexes bearing quasilinear low-valent 3d transition metals. We are developing a general synthetic access to this class of molecules, examine their properties and reactivity patterns, leading to sometimes surprising observations.  Amongst others this gives very-low-coordinate iron-sulfur clusters or imido metal complexes with unusual electronic structures and reactivities. Thereby we touch different aspects of coordination, organometallic, bioinorganic and main-group chemistry as well as catalysis.

Interested students for Bachelor or Master theses as well as "Vertiefungsarbeiten" are highly welcomed and should either contact me directly (via Mail or directly in my office) or my scientific co-workers.

News (also via twitter @wernckegunnar):

March: Two new interns join the groups for their 6 weeks-stay.

11/03: Gunnar went for a talk to the Chemiedozententagung in Aachen.

27/02: The group went to Innsbruck for the Koordinationschemietagung with a talk (Andres) and two Posters (Alessandra and Paula).

05/02: Paula started her PhD thesis. Welcome back!

01/02: The Trendberichte in the Nachrichten der Chemie went online.  Third time is the charme - now it is time to move thhis pleasure to someone new.

29/01: Paula defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations.

January: Gunnar went to Münster and to Gießen to present the work of the group. Alex defended his Bachelor thesis.

01/01: Happy New Year

21/12: The joint paper with the v. Hänisch group was accepted in Dalton Transaction. Nice Christmas Present.

09/12: The group is funded via the LOEWE Exploration Grant! Let's see if we can make imido metal based materials..

15/10: Gunnar went to Bonn and Heidelberg for a talk.

15/10: Alex started his Bachelor thesis. Good Luck!

04/09: Andres and Gunnar are off to Madrid for the EuCOMC to present the work of the group.

30/08: Andres second paper was accepted in Chem. Commun. Congratz.

19/07: Edersee-Meeting with the Lichtenberg/Hänisch and Tambornino group from Marburg. Beer and Science - a good foundation for collaborations and weird scientific ideas.

18/07: Gunnar went to Bern to administer a PhD defense in the Albrecht group.

04/06: Gunnar went to Saarbrücken to learn computational chemistry with ORCA from Dominik Munz - from zero to CASSCF in 3 days.

27/03: Alex sucessfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratz Nr 5:).

06/03: New funding for the group from the DFG via the Heisenberg Program and a Research grant.

06/02: The next and probably last publication of Ruth is finally out in Inorg. Chem. Congratz.

09/01: We welcome Alessandra as a PostDoc! Great to have you.