Publikationen der AG Hantschel

  • 2022

    Schmidt, N., Abendroth, F., Vázquez, O. and Hantschel, O. (2022) Synthesis of the L- and D-SH2 domain of the leukaemia oncogene Bcr-Abl. RSC Chemical Biology, DOI: 10.1039/d2cb00108j.

  • 2021

    Valent, P., Orfao, A., Kubicek, S., Staber, P., Haferlach, T., Deininger, M., Kollmann, K., Lion, T., Virgolini, I., Winter, G., Hantschel, O., Kenner, L., Johannes Zuber, J., Grebien, F., Moriggl, R., Hörmann, G., Hermine, O., Andreeff, M., Bock, C., Mughal, T., Constantinescu, S., Kralovics, R., Sexl, V., Skoda, R., Superti-Furga, G. and Jäger, U. (2021) Precision Medicine in Hematology 2021: Definitions, Tools, Perspectives and Open Issues, HemaSphere, 5(3), e536.

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  • 2020

    La Sala, G., Michiels, C., Kukenshöner, T., Brandstoetter, T., Maurer, B., Koide, A., Lau, K., Pojer, F., Koide, S., Sexl, V., Dumoutier, L. and Hantschel, O. (2020) Selective inhibition of STAT3 signaling using monobodies targeting the coiled-coil and N-terminal domains. Nat. Commun., 11(1), 4115.

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  • 2019

    Taft, J., Georgeon, S., Allen, C., Reckel, S., DeSautelle, J., Hantschel, O., Georgiou, G. and Iverson, B.L. (2019) A Rapid Screen for Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Resistance Mutations and Substrate Specificity. ACS Chem. Biol., 14(9), 1888-1895.

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  • 2018

    Sonti, R., Hertel-Hering, I., Lamontanara, A., Hantschel, O. and Grzesiek, S. (2018) ATP site ligands determine the assembly state of the Abelson kinase regulatory core via the activation loop conformation. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 140(5), 1863-1869.

    Kim, D.I., Cutler, J.A., Na,C.H., Reckel, S., Renuse, S., Madugundu, A.K., Tahir, R., Goldschmidt, H., Reddy, K.L., Huganir, R.L., Wu, X., Hantschel, O. and Pandey, A. (2018) BioSITe: A novel method for direct detection of site specific biotinylation. J. Proteome Res., 17(2), 759-769.

    Byrgazov, K., Lucini, C.B., Valent, P., Hantschel, O. and Lion, T. (2018) BCR-ABL1 Compound Mutants Display Differential and Dose-Dependent Responses to Ponatinib, Haematologica, 103(1), e10-e12

  • 2017

    Reckel, S., Gehin, C., Tardivon, D., Georgeon, S., Kükenshöner, T., Löhr, F., Koide, A., Buchner, L., Panjkovich, A., Reynaud, A., Pinho, S., Gerig, B., Svergun, D., Pojer, F., Güntert, P., Dötsch, V., Koide, S., Gavin, A.-C. and Hantschel, O. (2017) Structural and functional dissection of the DH and PH domains of oncogenic Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase. Nat. Commun., 8(1), 2101.

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  • 2016

    La Sala, G., Riccardi, L., Gaspari, R., Cavalli, A., Hantschel, O. and De Vivo, M. (2016) The HRD motif as the central hub of the signaling network for activation loop autophosphorylation in Abl kinase, J. Chem. Theory Comput., 12(11), 5563-5574.

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  • 2015

    Lorenz, S., Deng, P., Hantschel, O., Superti-Furga, G. and Kuriyan, J. (2015). Crystal structure of an SH2-kinase construct of c-Abl and effect of the SH2 domain on kinase activity, Biochem. J., 468(2), 283-291.

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  • 2014

    Lamontanara, A.J., Georgeon, S., Tria, G., Svergun, D.I. and Hantschel, O. (2014). The SH2 domain of ABL kinases regulates kinase autophosphorylation by controlling activation loop accessibility, Nat. Commun. 5, 5470.

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  • 2013

    Sha, F.*, Gencer, E.B.*, Georgeon, S., Koide, A., Yasui, N., Koide, S. and Hantschel, O. (2013). Dissection of the BCR-ABL signaling network using highly specific monobody inhibitors to the SHP2 SH2 domains. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 110(37), 14924-14929.

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  • 2012

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  • 2011

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  • 2010

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  • 2009

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  • 2008

    De Keersmaecker, K., Versele, M., Cools, J., Superti-Furga, G. and Hantschel, O. (2008). Intrinsic differences between the catalytic properties of the oncogenic NUP214-ABL1 and BCR-ABL1 fusion protein kinases. Leukemia, 22(12), 2208-2216.

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  • 2007

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  • 2006

    Bürckstümmer, T., Bennett, K. L., Preradovic, A., Schütze, G., Hantschel, O., Superti-Furga, G. and Bauch, A. (2006). An efficient tandem affinity purification procedure for the characterization of protein complexes in mammalian cells. Nature Methods, 3(12), 1013-1019.

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  • 2005

    Wiesner, S., Hantschel, O., Mackereth, C.D., Superti-Furga, G. and Sattler, M. (2005). NMR Assignment Reveals an alpha-Helical Fold for the F-Actin Binding Domain of Human Bcr-Abl/c-Abl. J. Biomol. NMR, 32(4), 335.

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  • 2004

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  • 2003

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