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Rust MB, Marcello E (2022). Disease association of cyclase-associated protein (CAP): Lessons from gene-targeted mice and human genetic studies. Eur J Cell Biol 101: 151207.

Rust MB, Khudayberdiev S, Pelucchi S, Marcello E (2020). CAPt’n of actin dynamics: recent advances in the molecular, developmental and physiological functions of cyclase-associated protein (CAP). Front Cell Dev Biol 8:586631.

Rust MB (2015). ADF/cofilin: a crucial regulator of synapse physiology and behavior. Cell Mol Life Sci 72(18):3521-3529.

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  • 2024

    Khudayberdiev S*, Weiss K, Heinze A, Colombaretti D, Trausch N, Linne U, Rust MB* (2024): The actin-binding protein CAP1 represses MRTF-SRF–dependent gene expression in the mouse cerebral cortex, Science Signaling, DOI: www.science.org/doi/10.1126/scisignal.adj0032

  • 2023

    Heinze A, Rust MB (2023). Loss of the actin regulator cyclase-associated protein 1 (CAP1) modestly affects dendritic spine remodeling during synaptic plasticity. Eur J Cell Biol 102(4):151357.

    Schneider F, Metz I, Rust MB (2023). Regulation of actin filament assembly and disassembly in in growth cone motility and axon guidance. Brain Res Bull 192: 21-35.

  • 2022

    Heinze A, Schuldt C, Khudayberdiev S, van Bommel B, Hacker D, Schulz TG, Stringhi R, Marcello E, Mikhaylova M, Rust MB (2022). Functional interdependence of the actin regulators CAP1 and cofilin1 in control of dendritic spine morphology. Cell Mol Life Sci 79(11):558.

    Sungur AÖ, Zeitouny C, Gabele L, Metz I, Wöhr M, Michaelsen-Preusse K*, Rust MB* (2022). Transient reduction in dendritic spine density in brain-specific profilin1 mutant mice is associated with behavioral deficits. Front Mol Neurosci 15:952782.

    Rust MB, Marcello E (2022). Disease association of cyclase-associated protein (CAP): Lessons from gene-targeted mice and human genetic studies. Eur J Cell Biol 101: 151207.

  • 2021

    Hoffmann L, Waclawczyk MS, Tang S, Hanschmann EM, Gellert M, Rust MB, Culmsee C (2021). Cofilin1 oxidation links oxidative distress to mitochondrial demise and neuronal cell death. Cell Death Dis 12(11):953. 

    Khudayberdiev S, Soutschek M, Ammann I, Heinze A, Rust MB, Baumeister S, Schratt G (2021). The cytoplasmic SYNCRIP mRNA interactome of mammalian neurons. RNA Biology 18(9):1252-1264.

    Schneider F, Metz I, Khudayberdiev S, Rust MB (2021). Functional redundancy of the cyclase-associated proteins CAP1 and CAP2 in differentiating neurons. Cells 10:1525.

    Schneider F, Duong TA, Rust MB (2021). Neuron replating – a powerful and versatile approach to study early aspects of neuron differentiation. eNeuro 8(3):ENEURO. 0536-20.2021.

    Schneider F, Duong TA, Metz I, Winkelmeier J, Hübner CA, Endesfelder U, Rust MB (2021). Mutual functional dependence of cyclase-associated protein 1 (CAP1) and cofilin1 in neuronal actin dynamics and growth cone function. Prog Neurobiol 202:102050.

    Kepser LJ, Khudayberdiev S, Hinojosa LS, Macchi C, Ruscica M, Marcello E, Culmsee C, Grosse R, Rust MB (2021). Cyclase-associated protein 2 (CAP2) controls MRTF-A localization and SRF activity in mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Sci Rep 11:4789.

  • 2020

    Rust MB, Khudayberdiev S, Pelucchi S, Marcello E (2020). CAPt’n of actin dynamics: recent advances in the molecular, developmental and physiological functions of cyclase-associated protein (CAP). Front Cell Dev Biol 8:586631.

    Pelucchi S, Vandermeulen L, Pizzamiglio L, Aksan B, Yan J, Konietzny A, Bonomi E, Borroni B, Padovani A, Rust MB, Di Marino D, Mikhaylova M, Mauceri D, Antonucci F, Edefonti V, Gardoni F, Di Luca M, Marcello E (2020). CAP2 dimerization regulates Cofilin in structural plasticity and Alzheimer's disease. Brain Commun 2(2): fcaa086.

    Kullmann JA, Meyer S, Pipicelli F, Kyrousi C, Schneider F, Bartels N, Cappello S, Rust MB (2020). Profilin1-dependent F-actin assembly controls division of apical radial glia and neocortex development. Cereb Cortex 30(6): 3467-348

    Shmukler BE, Rivera A, Bhargava P, Nishimura K, Kim EH, Hsu A, Wohlgemuth JG, Morton J, Snyder LM, de Franceschi L, Rust MB, Hubner CA, Brugnara C, Alper SL (2020). Genetic disruption of KCC cotransporters in a mouse model of thalassemia intermedia. Blood Cells Mol Dis 81:102389

  • 2019

    Bartsch JW, Rust MB (2019). Guest Editorial: Highlight on ‚Dynamics of the Nervous System in Health and Disease‘. Biol Chem 400(9):1087-1088.

    Shmukler BE, Rivera A, Bhargava P, Nishimura K, Hsu A, Kim EH, Trudel M, Rust MB, Hubner CA, Brugnara C, Alper SL (2019). Combined genetic disruption of K-Cl cotransporters and Gardos channel KCNN4 rescues erythrocyte dehydration in the SAD mouse model of sickle cell disease. Blood Cells Mol Dis 79:102346.

    Hoffmann L, Rust MB, Culmsee C (2019). Actin(g) on mitochondria – A role for cofilin1 in neuronal cell death. Biol Chem 400(9):1089-1097.

    Kepser LJ, Damar F, De Cicco T, Chaponnier C, Proszynski TJ, Pagenstecher A, Rust MB (2019). CAP2 deficiency delays myofibril actin cytoskeleton differentiation and disturbs skeletal muscle architecture and function. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 116(17):8397-8402.

  • 2018

    Bouchard C, Sahu P, Meixner M, Nötzold RR, Rust MB, Kremmer E, Feederle R, Hart-Smith G, Finkernagel F, Bartkuhn M, Pullamsetti SS, Nist A, Stiewe T, Philipsen S, Bauer UM (2018). Genomic location of PRMT6-dependent H3R2 methylation is decisive for the transcriptional outcome of associated genes. Cell Rep 24(12):3339-3352.

    Sungur AÖ, Stemmler L, Wöhr M, Rust MB (2018). Impaired object recognition but normal social behavior and ultrasonic communication in cofilin1 mutant mice. Front Behav Neurosci 12:25.

  • 2017

    Rehklau K, Hoffmann L, Gurniak CB, Ott M, Witke W, Scorrano L, Culmsee C, Rust MB (2017). Cofilin1-dependent actin dynamics control DRP1-mediated mitochondrial fission. Cell Death Dis 8(10):e3063.

  • 2016

    van der Kooij M, Masana M, Rust MB, Müller M (2016). The stressed cytoskeleton: how actin dynamics can shape stress-related consequences on synaptic plasticity and complex behavior. Neurosci Biobehav Rev 62:69-75.

    Strecker P, Ludewig S, Rust M, Mundinger TA, Görlich A, Krächan EG, Mehrfeld C, Herz J, Korte M, Guénette SY, Kins S (2016). FE65 and FE65L1 share common synaptic functions and genetically interact with the APP family in neuromuscular junction formation. Sci Rep 6:25652.

    Rust MB & Michaelsen-Preusse K (2016). Form follows function: actin-binding proteins as critical regulators of excitatory synapses. e-Neuroforum 7(1):7-12.

  • 2015

    Wolf M, Zimmermann AM, Görlich A, Gurniak CB, Sassoè-Pognetto M, Friauf E, Witke W, Rust MB (2015). ADF/cofilin controls synaptic actin dynamics and regulates synaptic vesicle mobilization and exocytosis. Cereb Cortex 25(9):2863-2875.

    Zimmermann AM, Jene T, Wolf M, Görlich A, Gurniak CB, Sassoè-Pognetto M, Witke W, Friauf E, Rust MB (2015). ADHD-like phenotype in a mouse model with impaired synaptic actin dynamics. Biol Psychiatry 78(2):95-106.

    Kullmann JA, Wickertsheim I, Minnerup L, Costell M, Friauf E, Rust MB (2015). Profilin1 activity in cerebellar granule neurons is required for radial migration in vivo. Cell Adhes Migr 9(3):247-253.

    Rust MB (2015). Novel functions for ADF/cofilin in excitatory synapses - lessons from gene-targeted mice. Commun Integr Biol 8(6):e1114194-3.

    Rust MB (2015). ADF/cofilin: a crucial regulator of synapse physiology and behavior. Cell Mol Life Sci 72(18):3521-3529.

    Rust MB & Maritzen T (2015). Relevance of presynaptic actin dynamics for synapse function and mouse behavior. Exp Cell Res 335(

  • 2014

    Pirone A, Kurt S, Zuccotti A, Rüttiger L, Pilz P, Brown D, Franz C, Schweizer M, Rust MB, Rübsamen R, Friauf E, Knipper M, Engel J (2014). a2d3 is essential for normal structure and function of auditory nerve synapses and is a novel candidate for auditory processing disorders. J Neurosci 34(2):434-445.

    Önel SF, Rust MB, Jacob R, Renkawitz-Pohl R (2014). Tethering membrane fusion: Common and different players in myoblasts and at the synapse. J Neurogenet, 28(3-4):302-315.

  • 2013

    Shmukler BE, Hsu A, Alves J, Trudel M, Rust MB, Hubner CA, Rivera A, Alper SL (2013). N-ethylmaleimide activates a Cl-independent component of K flux in mouse erythrocytes. Blood Cells Mol Dis 51(1):9-16.

  • 2012

    Goodson M, Rust MB, Witke W, Bannerman D, Mott R, Ponting CP, Flint J (2012). Cofilin-1: a modulator of anxiety in mice. PLoS Genetics 8(10):e1002970.

    Kullmann JA, Neumeyer A, Wickertsheim I, Deitmer JW, Witke W, Friauf E, Rust MB (2012). Purkinje cell loss and motor coordination defects in profilin1 mutant mice. Neuroscience 223:355-364.

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    Görlich A, Zimmermann AM, Schober D, Böttcher RT, Sassoé-Pognetto M, Friauf E, Witke W, Rust MB (2012). Preserved morphology and physiology of excitatory synapses in profilin1 deficient mice. PLoS ONE 7(1):e30068.

    Kullmann JA, Neumeyer A, Gurniak CB, Friauf E, Witke W, Rust MB (2012). Profilin1 activity in cerebellar granule neurons is required for glial cell contact and radial migration. EMBO Rep 13(1):75-82.

    Rust MB, Kullmann JA, Witke W (2012). Role of the actin-binding protein profilin1 in radial migration and glial cell adhesion of granule neurons in the cerebellum. Cell Adh Migr 6(1): 13-17.

  • 2011

    Görlich A, Wolf M, Zimmermann AM, Gurniak, CB, Al Banchaabouchi M, Sassoé-Pognetto M, Witke W, Friauf E, Rust MB (2011). N-cofilin can compensate for the loss of ADF in excitatory synapses. PLoS ONE 6(10):e26789.

    Friauf E, Rust MB, Schulenborg T, Hirtz J (2011). Chloride cotransporters, chloride homeostasis, and synaptic inhibition in the developing auditory system. Hear Res 279(1-2):96-110.

  • 2010

    Rust MB, Gurniak CB, Renner M, Vara H, Giustetto M, Morando L, Görlich A, Sassoè-Pognetto M, Al Banchaabouchi M, Triller A, Choquet D, Witke W (2010). Learning, AMPA receptor mobility and synaptic plasticity depend on n-cofilin-mediated actin dynamics. EMBO J 29(11):1889-1902.

    Herde MK, Friauf E, Rust MB (2010). Developmental expression of the actin depolymerizing factor ADF in the mouse inner ear and spiral ganglia. J Comp Neurol 518(10):1724-1741.

  • 2007

    Rust MB, Alper SL, Rudhard Y, Shmukler BE, Vicente R, Brugnara C, Trudel M, Jentsch TJ, Hubner CA (2007). Disruption of erythroid KCl-cotransporters alters erythrocyte volume and partially rescues erythrocyte dehydration in SAD mice. J Clin Invest 117(6):1708-1717.

    Hubner CA & Rust MB (2007). Physiology of Cation-Chloride Co-transporters in Chloride Movements across Cellular Membranes. In Advances in Molecular and Cell Biology, Vol 38, 241-77 (Elsevier/Academic Press)

  • 2006

    Rust MB, Faulhaber J, Budack M, Pfeffer C, Maritzen T, Didié M, Beck FX, Boettger T, Schubert R, Ehmke H, Jentsch TJ, Hubner CA (2006). Neurogenic mechanisms contribute to hypertension in mice with disruption of the K-Cl cotransporter KCC3. Circ Res 98(4):549-556.

  • 2004

    Huber SM, Duranton C, Henke G, Shumilina E, Sandu CD, Tanneur V, van de Sand C, Heussler V, Brand V, Kasinathan RS, Lang KS, Kremsner PG, Hubner CA, Rust MB, Dedek K, Jentsch TJ, Lang F (2004). Plasmodium induces swelling-activated ClC-2 anion channels in the host erythrocyte. J Biol Chem 279(40):41444-52.

  • 2003

    Boettger T, Rust MB, Maier H, Seidenbecher T, Schweizer M, Keating DJ, Faulhaber J, Ehmke H, Pfeffer C, Scheel O, Lemcke B, Horst J, Leuwer R, Pape HC, Volkl H, Hubner CA, Jentsch TJ (2003). Loss of K-Cl co-transporter KCC3 causes deafness, neurodegeneration and reduced seizure threshold. EMBO J 22(20):5422-34.

  • 2002

    Boettger T, Hubner CA, Maier H, Rust MB, Beck FX, Jentsch TJ (2002). Deafness and renal tubular acidosis in mice lacking the K-Cl co-transporter Kcc4. Nature 416(6883):874-878.