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Transitional Justice in German Film Journals (1945-1950)

Cooperation between the Media Studies Department and the International Research and Documentation Centre for War Crimes Trials

Funded by UMR 2027


Master Students are to compare German film journals (1945-1950) in order to work out media contexts and information on the transition period after the Second World War. The development of evaluation modes (metadata) and the structuring of a relational database will help to open up new analytical paths. In this way, the project will combine the media studies perspective and expertise with that of transitional justice research at the Philipps University Marburg.

Time Frame:

The project started in summer semester 2020 with a two-semester course that will be taught in Media Studies and at the International Research and Documentation Centre for War Crimes Trials (ICWC). Thereafter, the publication of the database and of papers is planned (circa summer semester 2022).


After the Second World War, the German media landscape lay fallow. Some of the venues for theatre, opera and film had to be rebuilt. In this situation, the first illustrated film magazines took on an important substitute function for cinema viewing. However, they were not only important media of entertainment, but were also intended to provide political and cultural orientation. In the western part of Germany, the detachment from the nationalist machinations of the UFA was proclaimed and the opening to the films of the occupying powers was promoted with the help of the magazines. In eastern part of Germany, on the other hand, the separation from western film was propagated and instead a turn to the film culture of the eastern bloc promoted. The students and instructors want to work out the media contexts and statements of this transitional period after the war. An relational database will help them to obtain systematic and further data on this transitional period.

Exemplary research objects are the Neue Filmwelt (New Film World) and the Film Revue.


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