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Video: Vincent Fröhlich

Foto: Vincent Fröhlich

7. Filmed interview with the editor-in-chief of the film magazine Cinema. On 13.02. we had the pleasure of interviewing the editor-in-chief of the mgazine Cinema, Philipp Schulze, and the layouter Sven Mewes. In the foyer of the Cineplex Marburg, we were allowed to interview them for almost two hours about their work processes and their views on the importance and purpose of film magazines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        6. Video:“Cinema” magazine visits seminar. We have the film magazine "Cinema" as a guest on 24 January 2023. One of the editors, Oliver Noelle, and layouter Sven Mewes will attend Jens Ruchatz's seminar on the "Mediality of the Magazine".To get an impression of the seminar, take a look at a compilation of what was filmed during the seminar: YouTube.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          5. (with Alice Morin and Jens Ruchatz): "Logics of Re-Using Photographs: Negotiating the Mediality of the Magazine”. In: Journal of European Periodical Studies 7(2), 2023, S. 26–51. doi: (Open Access).

4. Fröhlich, Vincent: "Periodizität". In: Oliver Scheiding/Sabina Fazli (Hg.): Handbuch Zeitschriftenforschung. Disziplinäre Perspektiven und empirische Sondierungen. Bielefeld: transcript, 2023, S. 65–84 (Open Access).

3. Fröhlich, Vincent: "Foto Film Flächen. Zirkulierende Filmbilder in Medienkonstellationen illustrierter Filmzeitschriften". In: Fotogeschichte. Beiträge zur Geschichte und Ästhetik der Fotografie, Heft 164, Jg. 42, 2022. Sonderheft: "Zirkulierende Bilder. Fotografien in Zeitschriften" herausgegeben von Joachim Sieber, S. 25-35.

2. Fröhlich, Vincent: "Where the Film Has the (Visual) Word? On the Visuality and Materiality of Illustrated Film Magazines Exemplified by Neue Filmwelt (1947-1953)." In: periodICON, Volume 1, Ausgabe 1, December 2021, pp. 21-48.

1. Fröhlich, Vincent: "Die vielen fotografischen Papierbilder des Films. Über Präsentationsformen von Filmstills." In: Rundbrief Fotografie, Vol. 27, Nr. 3, 2020, S. 8-21.

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