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Seeing Film between the Lines

Welcome to the webpage of the reseach project: "Seeing Film between the Lines: Remediation and Aesthetics of the Film Periodical". We are subproject 8 of the DFG-funded research group "Journaliteratur".


The significance of film magazines for delivering information on early or local film screening practices and now lost films can hardly be overestimated—which is also reflected in the frequency with which early film magazines, articles on films and advertisements in newspapers and general interest magazines are cited or evaluated in works on film history. However, with this research goal, film magazines were used mainly as secondary research objects, as historical sources or considered as a medium to retrace debates on film theory (most famously of course in the Cahiers du Cinéma).

The project Seeing Film between the Lines: Remediation and Aesthetics of the Film Periodical asks instead: what kind of film knowledge and film understanding do the small archives of the illustrated film magazines negotiate in their presentation and selection—precisely in their (hitherto mainly disregarded) visuality, in their appearance, in their sensual material presence. The project analyses German illustrated film periodicals from the early days of the cinema to the 1970s. (For more information about the project follow "Project").


1.-17.6.2021: Check out the 9th ESPRiT Conference (digital): 

And panel 10 consisting of the pre-recorded talks by Jens Ruchatz, Alice Morin and Vincent Fröhlich

Live session for panel 10: 16.6.2021, 4:30 pm 

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Workshop: Close & Distant Reading-Viewing Journals 
Online, 08.04.2021-09.04.2021

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