14.08.2022 Early Career Researcher Tagung der Zeitschriften- und Journalforschung (23.08.2022)

Pre-Conference to the Meeting "Capturing Ephemerality: Praxeological Modes of Fixing Journal Literature" of the DFG research unit "Journalliteratur"

August 23, 2022, Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany

As a prelude to the final conference of the interdisciplinary DFG Research Unit 2288 Journal Literature on "Fixing Ephemerality: praxeological Modes of Fixing Journal Literature" / "Capturing Ephemerality: Praxeological Modes of Fixing Journal Literature" (August 24-26, 2022), the "Early Career Researcher Conference of Journal and Journal Research" will take place. Three issues will be the focus of the conference: First, with the end of the researcher group's project period, the question arises how journal and journal research can be further anchored in the German-speaking university landscape. Second, excellent young researchers will be given the opportunity to present and discuss their current projects (master's or doctoral theses as well as proposals for third-party funded projects). In this way, the conference will promote stronger networking and collaboration among researchers in the field of journal research in German-speaking countries.

The workshop is organized by Vincent Fröhlich and Sven Schöpf of the DFG Research Unit 2288 "Journalliteratur". Format Conditions, Visual Design, Reception Cultures.

Vincent Fröhlich, Philipps University Marbug

Sven Schöpf, Ruhr-University Bochum

See the programme here

If You would like to participate in the workshop, please send an email to our coordinator (Philipps-Universität Marburg).

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