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Awards and honors of our group leaders and members:

  • Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Lennart Randau (subproject D1) for publishing the Characterization of the self-targeting Type IV CRISPR interference system in Pseudomonas oleovorans in Nature Microbiology (doi: 10.1038/s41564-022-01229-2)

  • Congratulations to Dr. Anna Lena Jung (subproject B1) for being awarded a posterprize during the 2022 International Conference of the SFB-TR84: Innate Immunity of the lung (link). On the poster, results from her LOEWE Diffusible Signals subproject were presented.

  • We congratualate Prof. Dr. Dominik Heider (subproject A3) on the awarding of the Frauenförderpreis 2020.

    He was awarded for breaking down inhibitions about science subjects. For the promotion of women in the natural sciences, he launched the "Women in Science" programme, which aims to encourage female graduates to take the step towards research. In his own research group, Prof. Heider actively promotes the proportion of women. Both at the postdoc level and among doctoral students, this is 50%. The proportion of female staff is thus disproportionate.

    Follow this link for further information.

  • Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Gert Bange (subproject C1) on his appointment as the University's Vice President for Research.

    During his term of office, Gert Bange aims to further raise Philipps-Universität's profile in excellent and internationally visible top-level research. This also includes preparing for a renewed application to the next round of the federal government's excellence strategy. In this context, strengthening nationally and internationally visible research activities and recruiting high-calibre young researchers to Philipps-Universität are key priorities for Bange.

    Follow this link for further information.

  • Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Susanne Herold (subproject B2) for being awarded a LOEWE-Spitzenprofessur.

    As a highly renowned lung and infection researcher from JLU Giessen, she will receive funding of three million euros from the state of Hesse over the next five years. As one of the key figures in lung research in Giessen, she ideally represents the highest scientific and clinical expertise in the field of viral lung infections, with her translational research approach including experimental studies on the lung.

    Follow this link for further information.

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