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Second-Harmonic Spectroscopy - Experimental Setup

For the spectroscopic measurements the Si(111) and Si(100) samples were mounted on a liquid-nitrogen cooled cryostat in a UHV chamber equipped with conventional diagnostics (LEED, Auger, QMS) with a base pressure of p < 5×10-11 mbar.

For SHG we used a mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser tunable between 700 and 1080 nm, generating 70-120 fs pulses at 82 MHz with an average power of 50-250 mW incident at the sample. The laser beam was The laser beam was focused on the sample to a 80 µm diameter spot at an angle of incidence of 45°. The fundamental beam and the SH signal were separated by a Pellin-Broca prism and filters. A photomultiplier tube and a gated photon counter detected the SH signal. The SHG spectra were normalized against the SH signal of a plane parallel quartz plate.

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