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Ringberg Symposium: Ultrafast Surface Dynamics


March 28 - April 1, 1999

Schloß Ringberg, D-83700 Rottach-Egern, Germany


Organizers: U. Höfer and M. Wolf

Financial supported by
Sonderforschungsbereich 338, München
Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin
Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching
Sonderforschungsbereich 450, Berlin

Coherent GmbH
Spectra Physics


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Final Program

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

  • Sunday, 28 March 1999


    16:00-19:00 Arrival at Schloß Ringberg


  • 19:00 Welcome Reception and Buffet Dinner

  • Monday, 29 March 1999


  • 8:00 Breakfast

    Session I: Vibrational dynamics
    (Chair H. Zacharias)
    • 8:40
      Opening remarks
    • 8:50
      C. Harris (Berkeley)
      Ultrafast studies of electron localization at surfaces and interfaces.
      • 9:30
        S. Fischer (München)
        Simulation of electron localisation on adsorbate surfaces.


      • 9:50 Coffee break


    • 10:20
      K. Domen (Tokyo)
      Dynamic behavior of surface reaction intermediates studied by pump-probe method using sum-frequency generation.


    • 11:00
      A. Laubereau (München)
      Three-color sum-frequency spectroscopy of ultrafast vibrational population dynamics of adsorbed molecules.


    • 11:40
      Th. Leisner (Berlin)
      Real-time observation of the molecular dynamics of free and supported clusters.


    • 12:30 Lunch


  • 14:30 Tour of the castle

    Session II: Advances in ultrafast surface spectroscopies


    (Chair H. W. K. Tom)


    • 15:30
      F. Krausz (Wien)
      Coherent sub-10fs pulses from near-infrared to soft-x-ray wavelengths: a novel tool for surface spectroscopy?


  • 16:10
    C. Voelkmann (München)
    Second-harmonic diffraction from transient population gratings of silicon dangling bonds.

  • 16:30 Coffee break

  • 17:00
    T. F. Heinz (New York)
    Probing ultrafast dynamics of electric fields: time-domain spectroscopy in the far infrared.

  • 17:40
    F. Rebentrost (München)
    Time-domain calculation of surface nonlinear susceptibilities.

  • 18:00
    L. Richter (Gaithersburg)
    Broadband vibrationally resonant sum-frequency generation and its application to the study of biomimetic thin films.

  • 18:30 Dinner

    Session III: STM-induced reactions and spectroscopy


    (Chair R. Berndt)


    • 20:00
      B. Stipe (IBM Almaden)
      Vibrational spectroscopy and reaction of single adsorbates with the STM.


  • Tuesday, 30 March 1999


  • 8:00 Breakfast

    Session IV: Electronic energy transfer
    (Chair Th. Fauster)
    • 8:50
      P. Echenique (San Sebastian)
      Lifetimes of electrons near the Fermi surface.


    • 9:30
      M. Aeschlimann (Essen)
      Time-resolved photoemission of adsorbates on metals.


    • 10:10
      W. Ekardt (Berlin)
      Lifetime of hot electrons in real crystals determined by ab-initio many-body perturbation theory, with Al and Cu as first examples.


    • 10:30 Coffee break


  • 11:10
    W. Eberhardt (Jülich)
    Femtosecond electronic relaxation processes in clusters and solids.


  • 11:40
    W. Pfeiffer (Würzburg)
    Electronic dynamics in silver nanoparticles on graphite studied by two-photon photoemission.


  • 12:00
    T. Hertel (Berlin)
    Electron-electron and electron-phonon dynamics in single wall carbon nanotubes.


  • 12:30 Lunch


  • Session V: Dynamics and decoherence of surface and image states

    (Chair W. Steinmann)


    • 15:30
      A. Goldmann (Kassel)
      What determines the linewidth in angle-resolved photoemission spectra?


    • 16:00
      M. Weinelt (Erlangen)
      Influence of surface disorder on energy and phase relaxation of image-potential states.


    • 16:30 Coffee break


  • 17:00
    E. Chulkov (San Sebastian)
    Inverse lifetimes of surface and image potential states.


  • 17:20
    W. Berthold (München)
    Decoupling of Cu(100) image-potential states by Xe, Kr and Ar spacer layers.


  • 17:40
    R. Berndt (Aachen)
    Surface state lifetimes probed with scanning tunneling spectroscopy.


  • 18:30 Dinner

    Session VI: Coherent control

    (Chair K.-L. Kompa)


    • 20:00
      G. Gerber (Würzburg)
      Coherent control of quantum dynamics by feedback-optimized femtosecond laser pulses.


  • Wednesday, 31 March 1999


  • 8:00 Breakfast

    Session VII: Ultrafast charge transfer and adsorbate dynamics

    (Chair T. F. Heinz)


    • 8:50
      H. Petek (Saitama)
      Transition state spectroscopy of surface photodesorption.


    • 9:30
      W. Wurth (München)
      Extremely fast charge transfer dynamics of adsorbates probed by resonant Auger spectroscopy.


    • 10:30 Coffee break


  • 10:40
    P. Saalfrank (London)
    STM- and photoinduced adsorbate reactions.


  • 11:20
    A. Groß (München)
    Molecular dynamics simulations of reactions at surfaces with electronic transitions.


  • 11:40
    L. Bartels (New York)
    Electronic excitation processes studied on single molecules: an alternative approach to femtochemistry.


  • 12:30 Lunch


  • Session VIII: Laser-induced photochemical reactions

    (Chair K. Al-Shamery)


    • 15:30
      H. Zacharias (Münster)
      Desorption of NO from NiO(100) with femtosecond laser radiation.


    • 16:10
      T. Klüner (Berlin)
      Laser-induced desorption of diatomic molecules from oxide surfaces: a first principles study.


    • 16:30 Coffee break


  • 17:00
    J. Hohlfeld (Berlin)
    Energy deposition depth following optical excitation in metals.


  • 17:20
    M. Bonn (Berlin)
    Time-resolved desorption and oxidation of CO on Ru.


  • 17:40
    H. W. K. Tom (Riverside)
    Femtosecond desorption of CO/Cu(111): anomalous yield and isotope effect.


  • 18:30 Bavarian Buffet


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