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Surface Physics
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Surface Analytics

The group lead by Professor Jakob investigates various aspects of experimental Surface and Interface Science. We use optical spectroscopic as well as structure sensitive methods to analyze the fundamental processes of adsorption, coadsorption, and surface reactions and extract the mechanisms of the kinetics and dynamics of the connected processes in atomistic detail. Another object of our research is to manipulate surface properties of materials to create functionalized and nano-structured surfaces.

Research Topics

  • Graphene
  • graphene

  • - Growth of Graphene/Ru(0001)
    - Nano structures on Graphene
    - Bimetallic layers
  • Organic thin films
    thin films
    - Structure and growth of organic molecular materials
    - Noble metal substrates
    - Phase transitions

  • Surface chemical reactions

    reactions- Fundamental reaction steps and intermediates
    - Functionalization of surfaces
    - Bimetallic layers, alloys

  • Surface diffusion and lateral mobility
    - Adatom mobility
    - Fluctuations of domain boundaries
  • Other research topics

  • lateral interactions- Lateral interactions in (co)adsorbate layers
    - Dynamics of desorbing CuF molecules
    - H-terminated Si(111)

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