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Liste der Publikationen des Instituts

Original articles:


Barth PJ, Ebrahimsade S, Hellinger A, Moll R, Ramaswamy A (2002)
CD34+ fibrocytes in neoplastic and inflammatory pancreatic lesions.
Virchows Arch 440:128-133

Barth PJ, Ebrahimsade S, Ramaswamy A, Moll R (2002)
CD34+ fibrocytes in invasive ductal carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in situ, and benign breast lesions.
Virchows Arch 440:298-303

Barth PJ, Ramaswamy A, Moll R (2002)
CD34(+) fibrocytes in normal cervical stroma, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III, and invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix uteri.
Virchows Arch 441: 564-568

Böcker W, Moll R, Dervan P, Buerger H, Poremba C, Diallo RI, Herbst H, Schmidt A, Lerch MM, Buchwalow IB (2002)
Usual ductal hyperplasia of the breast is a committed stem (progenitor) cell lesion distinct from atypical ductal hyperplasia and ductal carcinoma in situ.
J Pathol 198: 458-467

Böcker W, Moll R, Poremba C, Holland R, van Diest PJ, Dervan P, Bürger H, Wai D, Diallo RI, Brandt B, Herbst H, Schmidt A, Lerch MM, Buchwallow IB (2002)
Common adult stem cells in the human breast give rise to glandular and myoepithelial cell lineages: a new cell biological concept.
Lab Invest 82: 737-745

Burg J, Kommoss F, Bittinger F, Moll R, Kirkpatrick CJ (2002)
Mature cystic teratoma of the ovary with struma and benign Brenner tumor: a case report with immunohistochemical characterization.
Int J Gynecol Pathol 21: 74-77

Dünne AA, Mandic R, Ramaswamy A, Plehn S, Schulz S, Lippert BM, Moll R, Werner JA (2002)
Lymphogenic metastatic spread of auricular VX2 carcinoma in New Zealand white rabbits.
Anticancer Res 22: 3273-3280

Dünne AA, Folz BJ, Ramaswamy A, Moll R, Behr T, Werner JA (2002)
Results and pitfalls in sentinel node biopsy in N0 and N1 oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients.
U.S. Chinese Journal of Lymphology and Oncology 1: 15-20

Gerdes B, Ramaswamy A, Ziegler A, Lang SA, Kersting M, Baumann R, Wild A, Moll R, Rothmund M, Bartsch DK (2002)
p16INK4a is a prognostic marker in resected ductal pancreatic cancer: an analysis of p16INK4a, p53, MDM2, and Rb.
Ann Surg 235: 51-59

Maisch B, Ristic AD, Pankuweit S, Neubauer A, Moll R (2002)
Neoplastic pericardial effusion. Efficacy and safety of intrapericardial treatment with cisplatin.
Eur Heart J 23: 1625-1631

Mandic R, Dünne AA, Eikelkamp N, Ramaswamy A, Schulz S, Teymoortash A, Sesterhenn A, Moll R, Werner JA (2002)
Expression of MMP-3, MMP-13, TIMP-2 and TIMP-3 in the VX2 carcinoma of the New Zealand white rabbit.
Anticancer Res 22: 3281-3284

Schoppet M, Pankuweit S, Moll R, Baandrup U, Maisch B (2002)
Images in cardiovascular medicine. Phenotype of infiltrating T lymphocytes in cardiac sarcoidosis.
Circulation 105: e67-68

Werner JA, Dünne AA, Ramaswamy A, Folz BJ, Brandt D, Kulkens C, Moll R, Lippert BM (2002)
Number and location of radiolabeled, intraoperatively identified sentinel nodes in 48 head and neck cancer patients with clinically staged N0 and N1 neck.
Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 259: 91-96

Werner JA, Dünne AA, Ramaswamy A, Folz BJ, Lippert BM, Moll R, Behr T (2002)
Sentinel node detection in N0 cancer of the pharynx and larynx.
Br J Cancer 87: 711-715


Cui Y, König J, Nies AT, Pfannschmidt M, Hergt M, Franke WW, Alt W, Moll R, Keppler D (2003)
Detection of the human organic anion transporters SLC21A6 (OATP2) and SLC21A8 (OATP8) in liver and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Lab Invest 83: 527-538

Dünne AA, Kim-Berger HS, Zimmermann S, Moll R, Lippert BM, Werner JA (2003)
Atypical mycobacterial tuberculosis – a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma? Case reports and review of the literature.
Otolaryngol Pol 57: 17-23

Dünne AA, Schmidt A, Kuropkat C, Ramaswamy A, Schulz S, Werner JA (2003)
The auricular VX2 carcinoma – an animal model for sentinel node concept.
in vivo 17: 457-462

Kaiser U, Zugmaier G, Frank M, Riedel I, Neubauer A, Moll R (2003)
AFP-producing adenocarcinoma of the stomach: A rare tumor with poor prognosis.
Pathologe 24: 141-145

Kuhn KA, Lenz R, Elstner T, Siegele H, Moll R (2003)
Experiences with a generator tool for building clinical application modules.
Methods Inf Med 42: 37-44

Langbein L, Pape UF, Grund C, Kuhn C, Praetzel S, Moll I, Moll R, Franke WW (2003)
Tight junction-related structures in the absence of a lumen: occludin, claudins and tight junction plaque proteins in densely packed cell formations of stratified epithelia and squamous cell carcinomas.
Eur J Cell Biol 82: 385-400

Pankuweit S, Moll R, Baandrup U, Portig I, Hufnagel G, Maisch B (2003)
Prevalence of the parvovirus B19 genome in endomyocardial biopsy specimens.
Hum Pathol 34: 497-503

Ramaswamy A, Moll R, Barth PJ (2003)
CD34+ fibrocytes in tubular carcinomas and radial scars of the breast.
Virchows Arch 443: 536-540

Wagner U, Staats P, Moll R, Feek U, Vogelmeier C, Groneberg DA (2003)
Imatinib-associated pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
Am J Med 115: 674


Barth PJ, Schenck zu Schweinsberg T, Ramaswamy A, Moll R (2004)
CD34+ fibrocytes, alpha-smooth muscle antigen-positive myofibroblasts, and CD117 expression in the stroma of invasive squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx.
Virchows Arch 444: 231-234

Rudlowski C, Friedrichs N, Faridi A, Fuzesi L, Moll R, Bastert G, Rath W, Büttner R (2004)
Her-2/neu gene amplification and protein expression in primary male breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Res Treat 84: 215-223

Sapundzhiev NR, Barth PJ, Vacha P, Dünne AA, Moll R, Engenhart-Cabillic R, Werner JA (2004)
Effectiveness of radiochemotherapy on lymph node metastases in patients with stage IV oropharyngeal cancer.
Oral Oncol 40: 1007-1016

von Knobloch R, Konrad L, Barth PJ, Brandt H, Wille S, Heidenreich A, Moll R, Hofmann R (2004)
Genetic pathways and new progression markers for prostate cancer suggested by microsatellite allelotyping.
Clin Cancer Res 10: 1064-1073

von Knobloch R, Konrad L, Barth PJ, Brandt H, Wille S, Heidenreich A, Moll R, Hofmann R (2004)
Genetic pathways and new progression markers for prostate cancer defined by microsatellite allelotyping.
Urologe A 43 (Suppl 3): 149-152

Werner JA, Dünne AA, Folz BJ, Moll R, Behr T (2004)
Value of sentinel lymphadenectomy in head and neck cancer.
Ann Surg Oncol 11 (3 Suppl): 267S-270S

Werner JA, Dünne AA, Ramaswamy A, Dalchow C, Behr T, Moll R, Folz BJ, Davis RK (2004)
The sentinel node concept in head and neck cancer: solution for the controversies in the N0 neck?
Head Neck 26: 603-611

Sapundzhiev NR, Barth PJ, Vacha P, Dunne AA, Moll R, Engenhart-Cabillic R, Werner JA (2004)
Effectiveness of radiochemotherapy on lymph node metastases in patients with stage IV oropharyngeal cancer.
Oral Oncol 40: 1007-1016


Arnold R, Rinke A, Klose KJ, Muller HH, Wied M, Zamzow K, Schmidt C, Schade-Brittinger C, Barth P, Moll R, Koller M, Unterhalt M, Hiddemann W, Schmidt-Lauber M, Pavel M, Arnold CN (2005)
Octreotide versus octreotide plus interferon-alpha in endocrine gastroenteropancreatic tumors: a randomized trial.
Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 3: 761-771

Barth PJ, Moll R, Ramaswamy A (2005)
Stromal remodeling and SPARC (secreted protein acid rich in cysteine) expression in invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast.
Virchows Arch 446: 532-536

Hassan I, Celik I, Nies C, Zielke A, Gerdes B, Moll R, Ramaswamy A, Wagner HJ, Bartsch DK (2005)
Successful treatment of solid-pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas with multiple liver metastases.
Pancreatology 5: 289-294

Riedel I, Liang FX, Deng FM, Tu L, Kreibich G, Wu XR, Sun TT, Hergt M, Moll R (2005)
Urothelial umbrella cells of human ureter are heterogeneous with respect to their uroplakin composition: different degrees of urothelial maturity in ureter and bladder?
Eur J Cell Biol 84: 393-405

Schmelz M, Moll R, Hesse U, Prasad AR, Gandolfi JA, Hasan SR, Bartholdi M, Cress AE (2005)
Identification of a stem cell candidate in the normal human prostate gland.
Eur J Cell Biol 84: 341-354


Moll R, Holzhausen HJ, Mennel HD, Kuhn C, Baumann R, Taege C, Franke WW (2006)
The cardiac isoform of alpha-actin in regenerating and atrophic skeletal muscle, myopathies and rhabdomyomatous tumors: an immunohistochemical study using monoclonal antibodies.
Virchows Arch 449: 175-191

Dünne AA, Müller HH, Eisele DW, Kessel K, Moll R, Werner JA (2006)
Meta-analysis of the prognostic significance of perinodal spread in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) patients.
Eur J Cancer 42: 1863-1868

Hämmerling B, Grund C, Boda-Heggemann J, Moll R, Franke WW (2006)
The complexus adhaerens of mammalian lymphatic endothelia revisited: a junction even more complex than hitherto thought.
Cell Tissue Res 324: 55-67

Rudlowski C, Schulten HJ, Golas MM, Sander B, Barwing R, Palandt JE, Schlehe B, Lindenfelser R, Moll R, Liersch T, Schumpelick V, Gunawan B, Füzesi L (2006)
Comparative genomic hybridization analysis on male breast cancer.
Int J Cancer 118: 2455-2460

Schwarz J, Ayim A, Schmidt A, Jäger S, Koch S, Baumann R, Dünne AA, Moll R (2006)
Differential expression of desmosomal plakophilins in various types of carcinomas: correlation with cell type and differentiation.
Hum Pathol 37: 613-622

Waldmann J, Zielke A, Moll R, Schweinsberg TS, Rothmund M, Langer P (2006)
Cystadenocarcinoma of the gallbladder.
J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg 13: 594-599


Moll R, Ebrahimsade S, Ramaswamy A, Barth PJ (2007)
Frequent maintainance of normal stroma-associated CD34-positive fibrocytes in invasive lobular breast carcinomas.
To be submitted

Müller-Brüsselbach S, Ebrahimsade S, Jäkel J, Eckhardt J, Rapp UR, Peters JM, Moll R, Müller R (2007)
Growth of transgenic RAF-induced lung adenomas is increased in mice with a disrupted PPAR-beta/delta gene.
Int J Oncol, in press

Müller-Brüsselbach S, Kömhoff M, Meissner M, Rieck M, Kaddatz K, Adamkiewicz J, Keil B, Klose KJ, Moll R, Burdick AD, Peters JM, Müller R (2007)
A role for PPARβ in tumor vascularization.
Science, submitted

Nimphius W, Moll R, Olbert P, Ramaswamy A, Barth PJ (2007)
CD34(+) fibrocytes in chronic cystitis and noninvasive and invasive urothelial carcinomas of the urinary bladder.
Virchows Arch 450: 179-185

Popov N, Wanzel M, Madiredjo M, Zhang D, Beijersbergen R, Bernards R, Moll R, Elledge SJ, Eilers M (2007)
The ubiquitin-specific protease Usp28 is required for Myc stability in human tumor cells.
Nature Cell Biol, in press


Moll R, Divo M, Langbein L (2008)
The human keratins: Biology and pathology.
Histochem Cell Biol, in press


Pitz S, Moll R (2002)
Intermediate-filament expression in ocular tissue.
Prog Ret Eye Res 21: 241-262

Moll I, von den Driesch P, Moll R (2004)
Merkelzell-Karzinome – Eine Differenzialdiagnose der Lymphome in der Haut.
Akt Dermatol 30: 109-113

Moll R (2005)
CUP syndrome: Are there advances?
Verh Dtsch Ges Path 89: 125-136

Moll I, Roessler M, Brandner JM, Eispert AC, Houdek P, Moll R (2005)
Human Merkel cells-aspects of cell biology, distribution and functions.
Eur J Cell Biol 84: 259-271

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