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Travel Information

Institut für Zytobiologie
Philipps-Universität Marburg            Fon: +49-6421-286 6449
Robert-Koch-Str. 6                                          +49-6421-286 6483 (Secretary)
35032 Marburg - Germany                   Fax: +49-6421-286 6414 

From Frankfurt Airport to Marburg (ca. 80 min by train)

Frankfurt Airport – Frankfurt main station (Hbf) – Marburg main station (Hbf)

After your arrival at Frankfurt airport, follow the green signs "S" (S-Bahn; commuter train) or the sign to Regionalbahnhof (regional station) in the lower level of the airport. On your way, you will find ticket counters or automatic ticket machines where you can purchase a ticket directly to Marburg. Ask local people for help if needed. From this location, move down another level to track #1. From here, the S-Bahn leaves to Frankfurt Hbf (main station) every 15 minutes. The trip takes 10 minutes with 2 stops.
At Frankfurt main station (Hbf) go to the surface level where you find the train platforms. The final destination of your train to Marburg will be either Treysa (use front part of train, since train is split in Giessen), Kassel, Hannover, Hamburg or Bremen (usually out of platform #14 or #15). The train to Marburg will take 1 h and will stop in Friedberg and Giessen before arriving in Marburg main station (Hbf).
There is at least one train per hour to Marburg. All schedules and details are indicated on a large display in the main hall of Frankfurt main station. In the middle of the hall you will find an information desk. Exact train connections can be found here:  Deutsche Bahn Travel Service

From the train station to the Institute (5-8 min walk)

To reach our institute, exit the train station to see Bahnhofstrasse in front of you. Follow this street, walk under a bridge (Autobahn), cross the Lahn River and continue until your reach the crossroad Robert-Koch-Strasse. Our institute is the second building on the right.

Institute-specific map (pdf)

About Marburg

Marburg is a medieval town at the Lahn river, located about 100 km (60 miles) north of Frankfurt. Since it is right in the middle of Germany and Europe, it can be easily reached (e.g., 1 hour by train from Frankfurt).

Marburg has remarkable historical buildings, a long history and beautiful scenery, and a famous medieval church ( Elisabeth Church ). We are sure that you will have a most memorable stay.


"Precise" weather information for Germany and a regularly updated local weatherforecast is available on the internet.

Accommodation - Hotels

For special rates please contact our secretary, Mrs. Carina Beimborn (Ph. +49-6421-286 6483, Fax +49-6421-286 6414).

Hotel Village

The hotel is located 10 min from the train station.
Bahnhofstrasse 14, 35037 Marburg. Fon: Tel.: +49 (0) 64 21 / 6 85 88-0  Fax : +49 (0) 64 21 / 6 85 88-10
E-mail: marburg@village-hotels.de, Website: https://village-stadthotel.de/


Pilgrimstein 29, ph. +49-6421-9180, Fax +49-6421-918444 T
The hotel is located at the junction Pilgrimstein and Biegenstraße. From the train station Marburg take a taxi to the hotel (or buses # 1,2,3,4,5,7 to Rudolphsplatz).

Hotel Marburger Hof

The hotel is located 10 min from the train station.
Elisabethstrasse 12, ph. +49-6421-59075-0, Fax +49-6421-59075-100

VILA VITA , Hotel & Residenz, Rosenpark Marburg
Rosenstrasse 18 - 28, 35037 Marburg, Telefon + 49 - 64 21 60 05-0, Telefax + 49 -64 21 60 05-100
The hotel is located 5 min from the train station.
E-Mail:  reservierung@rosenpark.com

Hotel Sonne, Markt 14

Hostaria del Castello, Markt 19

For detailed information and alternative accommodation, please see the website of the City of Marburg ('Marburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH').

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Fb. 20 - Medizin

Institut für Zytobiologie und Zytopathologie, Robert-Koch-Str. 6, D-35037 Marburg
Tel. +49 6421/28-66483, Fax +49 6421/28-66414, E-Mail: lesch@staff.uni-marburg.de

URL dieser Seite: https://www.uni-marburg.de/fb20/cyto/traveldescr

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