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Actual Projects and Co-operations




Christian Finke & Ulrike Feudel, Oldenburg (Germany)

Department for Theoretical Physics and Complex Systems, University of Oldenburg (Germany)

Common DFG project (FE 359/10-1):  Homoclinic Bifurcations at Tonic-to-Bursting Transitions: Underlying Mechanisms and Impact on Neuronal Synchronization.

Several common publications, e.g.:

Feudel U, Finke C, Freund JA, Rosa E, Braun HA (2012): The interplay of subthreshold currents, spiking activity and noise in a model for a cold receptor. Proceedings of “The 2012 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications”, accepted

Finke C, Vollmer J, Postnova S, Braun HA (2008): Propagation effects of current and conductance noise in a model neuron with subthreshold oscillations. Mathematical Biosciences 214: 109-121


Werner Bonath & Marcel Beuler, Giessen (Germany)

Department for Microelectronics, University of Applied Sciences, Giessen (Germany)

Neuronal Network Models implemented on a Digital FPGA Hardware Core.

First common publication in press:

Beuler M, Tchaptchet A, Bonath W, Postnova S, Braun HA (2012): Real-time simulations of synchronization in a conductance-based neuronal network with a digital FPGA Hardware-core. Proc. of the “International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, accepted


JIrka Dell'Oro-Friedl, Furtwangen (Germany)

Digital Media Department, University of Furtwangen (Germany)

On-Line teaching tools for life sciences – reprogramming of the Virtual Physiology and cLabs – applications as platform independent versions, prepared for distributed learning

(see  www.cLabs.de).




Svetlana Postnova, Sydney (Australia)

Brain Dynamics Group & Woolcock Institute for Medical Research, Univ. of Sydney (Australia)

Modeling the Regulation of Sleep-Wake Cycles and Cortisol Release (HPA-axis) and their Disturbances in Mental Depression.  

Several common publications, e.g.

Braun HA & Postnova S (2012): Mechanism-Based Models of Neurons and Synapses for Multi-Level Simulations of Brain Functions. Proceedings of “The 2012 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications”, accepted.

Postnova S, Voigt K, Braun HA (2009): A mathematical model of homeostatic regulation of sleep-wake cycles by hypocretin/orexin. J Biol Rhythms, 24: 523 – 535


Wuyin Jin, Lanzhou (PR China)

School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Lanzhou Univ. of Technology, PR China

Chinese grant for the extension of the Marburg hypocretin/orexin model of homeostatic sleep-wake regulation including the implementation of noise and diversity.

Common publications:

Jin W, Postnova S, Braun HA (2011) Stochastic Resonance and Stochastic Encoding: Cooperative Effects of Noise and Intrinsic Dynamics in a Model Neuron with Subthreshold Oscillations. In: Adv. Cogn. Neurodyn. II, Wang, Rubin; Gu, Fanji (Eds.), pp 571-575, DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-9695-1_86

Postnova S, Finke C, Jin W, Schneider H, Braun HA (2010): A computational study of the interdependencies between neuronal impulse pattern, noise effects and synchronization. J Physiol Paris 104: 176-189, doi:10.1016/j.jphysparis.2009.11.022 


Epaminondas Rosa, Normal/Bloomington (USA)
Physics Dept., Illinois State University, Normal/Bloomington (USA)

Neuronal dynamics and synaptic transmission in mental disorders

Common Publications:

Postnova S, Rosa E, Braun HA (2010): Neurones and Synapses for Systemic Models of Psychiatric Disorders, Pharmacopsychiatry 43 (Suppl. 1): S82-S91, http://dx.doi.org/10.1055/s-0030-1252025

Finke C, Postnova S, Rosa E, Freund JA, Huber MT, Voigt K, Moss F, Braun HA, Feudel U (2010) Noisy activation kinetics induces bursting in the Huber-Braun neuron model. Europ Phys J Special Topics 187: 199-203


Raúl Toral & Emilio Hernandez, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)  

Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC), University of Balearic Island, Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), http://ifisc.uib.es/about.php

Impact of neuronal heterogeneity on network dynamics: short term memory and long term effects in sleep-wake regulation

First common paper in revision:

Patriarca M, Postnova S, Braun HA, Hernandez-Garcia E, Toral R (2012): Diversity and noise effects in a model of homeostatic regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. PLoS Comp Biol (in revision).


Eleonora Catsigeras & Martin Patrone, Montevideo (Uruguay)

Sistemas Dinámicos, Instituto de Matemática, Univ. de la República, Montevideo (Uruguay)

Analogue Circuits for System Analysis of Conductance-Based Neuronal Models.

First paper submitted:

Hermida R, Patrone M, Pijuan M, Monzon P, Orregioni J, Braun HA (2012): An analogue circuit implementation of the Huber-Braun Cold Receptor Neuron Model.Engineering in Medicine and Biology (subm).


Dmitry E. Postnov & Oxana Semaychkina-Glushkovskaya, Saratov (Russia)

Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics & Biology Department, Saratov State University (Russia)

Models of psychiatric disorders and autonomic functions

Paper in Russian, English version in preparation:

Postnov, DD, Koreshkov R, Postnov DE, Braun HA (in prep): A Stochastic Evolutionary Model of Mood Variations during the development of Affective Disorders.


Hans Liljenström & Peter Århem, Agora for Biosystems, Sigtuna (Sweden)

Dept. of Biometry and Informatics, SLU, Uppsala & Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology, Karolinska, Stockholm  (Sweden)http://www.agora.kva.se/

The Neuronal Basis of Consciousness - Integrative Multiscalar Approaches: From Ion Channels to Neurons, Networks and Brain Functions


Braun HA & Liljenström H (in prep): Static and dynamic noise: Co-existence of different types of randomness of ion channel dynamics exposes a deterministic brain functions as an illusion. Brain Res (in prep).

Århem P, Braun HA, Huber MT, Liljenström H (2005) Dynamic state transitions in the nervous system: From ion channels to neurons to networks. In: Liljenstrom H & Svedin U (Eds.) Micro-Meso-Macro: Addressing Complex Systems Couplings, World Scientific Publ, London, p.37-72.

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