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Jul 2015

Distinct dipoles: New non-symmetrical fluoro-substituted pentacene derivatives are synthesized which feature distinct molecular dipoles. All compounds are analyzed regarding their optoelectronic and structural properties as isolated molecules and in thin solid films. A precise comparison between the moelcular and solid-state properties allows detailed insights into the exciton binding energies.

Jun 2015

ketol rearrangement

The stereospecific BF3-mediated α-ketol rearrangement of β-hydroxy-α-ketoamides yields isolable difluoroboranyloxy-3-keto-amides. The air-stable boron complexes exhibit novel reactivity in bromination and dipolar cycloaddition reactions.

Feb 2015


Et2O auf Si

The adsorption of diethyl ether (Et2O) on Si(001) was studied by means of scanning tunneling  microscopy (STM) and photoelectron spectroscopy. Et2O reacts on Si(001) via a datively bonded intermediate, which was isolated at surface temperatures below 100 K. At higher surface temperature, Et2O converts dissociatively into the final state by  cleaving one O−C bond; the resulting −O−C2H5 and −C2H5 fragments are found to attach on two Si dimers of neighboring dimer rows. Tipinduced hopping of the −C2H5 fragment on one dimer was observed at positive sample bias.


Sep 2014


The reaction mechanism of tetrahydrofuran (THF) on Si(001) was investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy at variable temperatures. At low temperature, a datively bound intermediate of THF on Si(001) was isolated. Heating the surface to room temperature leads to ether cleavage resulting in a configuration which bridges two dimer rows of the Si(001) surface.

Jun 2014


An efficient total synthesis of isoquinocyclinone was achieved using a pentacyclic lactone as key intermediate. The pyrrolo-pyrrole substructure was elaborated by acetylide acylation, conversion of an O,O-acetal into an N,O-acetal and intramolecular amidine alkylation.

May 2014


The enantioselective addition of indoles to mesoxalic ester amides is investigated. The feasibility of these vic-tricarbonyl compounds as building blocks in natural product synthesis is shown in the syntheses of cladoniamide G and F. They involve the arylation of mesoxalic ester amide, a Suzuki cross-coupling to a 2,2'-biindole and an intramolecular lactam formation as key steps.

Feb 2014


A synthesis of the 9-epimer of the marine natural product wailupemycin A is reported. The key reaction sequence consists of a diastereoselective enamine addition to a tricarbonyl monohydrate, the formation of an enol silyl acetal, and finally the stereocontrolled addition of the α-pyrone substructure.

Oct 2013


vic-Diketoamides react with a variety of isonitriles and carboxylic acids in a regioselective Passerini three-component reaction to give good to excellent yields of α-Acyloxy-β-keto-carboxamides. In case of Passerini reactions with electron withdrawing group-substituted acetic acids, a one pot Passerini-Knoevenagel reaction was accomplished by addition of triethylamine to produce 5-oxofuran-2,2(5H)-dicarboxamides in good to very good yields.

Aug 2013

  • Start of the Collaborative Research Centre "Structure and Dynamics of Internal Interfaces" (SFB 1083).


The Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1083 of the German DFG has been established at Philipps-Universität Marburg in collaboration with the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), San Sebastián, Spain. The aim is to achieve a detailed microscopic understanding of the chemical bonding, the electronic coupling, and the dynamics of energy transfer for model systems of different classes of hetero-interfaces.

Our group synthesize pentacene derivatives and functionalized cyclooctynes as molecular building blocks for organic interfaces.


Mar 2013


A total synthesis of the proposed structures of fulicineroside and its aglycone fulicinerine is reported. Comparison with the reported data for the natural product and the aglycone suggests a misassignment of the natural product's structure.



Jan 2013


Adsorption of cyclooctyne on Si(001) was investigated by means of scanning tunneling microscopy. Two different adsorption configurations were identified for the chemisorbed molecules which exhibit a tendency for clustering along the dimer rows. Our results suggest a direct adsorption pathway for cyclooctyne on Si(001) most likely governed by the molecule’s triple bond in combination with its high ringstrain.




6,13‑Disubstituted pentacenes were synthesized. Their electrochemical and optical properties and their solid-state packing motif were determined. 6,13‑Bis(trifluoromethyl)pentacene and 6,13‑dimethoxypentacene exhibit slipped face to face pi-stacking in the solid state while 6,13‑diethoxypentacene forms pairs of pi-stacking molecules in the solid state.




Crotylboration of vic-diketoamides and vic-diketo esters was achieved with high diastereoselectivity and complementary regioselectivity. Whereas (E)-crotylboration of α,β-diketoamides resulted in high yields (91–99%) of β-crotylated products obtained as a single diastereomer (anti), Lewis acid promoted crotylboration of α,β-diketo esters yielded the α-crotylated species with the anti product as main diastereomer.


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