abgeschlossene Projekte

  • “The Future Okavango” (TFO) (Sustainable Land Management in Namibia, Botswana and Angola: Resource Management and Multi-Level Governance) (BMBF funded, 2010-2016)
  • Governing trans-disciplinarity and capacity development for enabling ESF&S management innovations (sub-project of "The Future Okavango") (Falk, Kirk)
  • The contribution of multi-layer natural resource governance to ESF&S delivery (sub-project of "The Future Okavango") (Brown, Kirk, Falk)
  • Who Sows? Who Reaps? Women and Land Rights Empowerment: The African Experience (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 2015) (Adeyemo)
  • ‘Land reform, equity and poverty alleviation in Cambodia’ (BMZ-GIZ, 2008- 2014) (Gobien, Kirk)
  • Large-scale Investment in Agricultural Land: Impacts for Smallholders in the Ghanaian Oil Palm Sector (GIZ/BMZ) (2010-2014) (Väth, Kirk)
  • Further developing Social-Ecological Systems: SES Club (2009-2014) (Ostrom, Binder, Pahl-Wostl, Hagedorn, Cox, Künneke, Falk, Kirk, et al.)
  • Land policy and land tenure: capacity and network building in DCs and countries in transi-tion (BMZ/GT(I)Z), (2000-2012) (Kirk)
  • ‘Identifying and analysing New Issues on Desertification: Research Trends and Research Needs’ (BMBF 2009-2011) (Bisaro, Zimmermann, Zdruli, Kirk)
  • “Socio-economics of biodiversity management: policy, institutions, land use concepts’ as part of BIOTA-South (Namibia, South Africa) (BIOLOG-program) (BMBF) (2001-2010) (Falk, Prediger, Vollan, Bock, Kirk)
  • ‘Socio-Economics of Cotton Production in West Africa” (BIOLOG-program, BIOTA-West) (BMBF), (2007-2010) (Palmantier, Kirk)
  • Collective action and property rights for poverty alleviation: The Cambodia Case (BMZ) with IFPRI/CAPRI, Humboldt-University, Berlin and others (2004-2010), (Weingart, Kirk)
  • Collective action and property rights in aquatic systems: The Cambodian and Vietnamese Case, with World Fish Centre (WFC), IFPRI (CGIAR) (2006-2010) (Werthmann, Kirk)
  • Diversity Management in International Organizations: The Mekong River Commission (2003-2007) (Peters, Kirk)
  • Human Resource Development in Milk Co-operatives in Indonesia (DAAD) (1999-2010) (Baga, Kirk)