23.02.2021 Forum sicherer Umgang mit Forschungsdaten


While most researchers would not deny the importance of research ethics and do pay attention to ethical questions when designing their research projects and carrying out fieldwork, the systematic incorporation of comprehensive risk assessment into research projects is still not a given. Despite its relevance for mitigating fieldwork risks – especially so in (post-)conflict contexts –, the topic rarely forms part of the standard training of researchers and it remains challenging to find reliable information on the practicalities of risk assessment and management and how to apply these to own research projects. Especially in German universities, guidelines on the matter are still the exception, leaving researchers struggling to find own solutions for their individual research projects. This tends to be a challenge particularly when tailored technical solutions that oftentimes exceed the expertise of researchers themselves have to be developed. Taking this observation as its starting point, the workshop will focus on technical solutions to risks and challenges that come along with qualitative research. More specifically, it will provide researchers with input on data safety, data management and encryption techniques, as well as offer an overview of relevant tools.


Mittwoch, 24. März, 09h-12h00


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09h-09h15 Eröffnung und Begrüßung
09h15-09h45 Keynote "Safer Field Research in the Social Sciences."
09h45-10h00 Comments
10h00-10h15 Questions&Discussion Moderation:
10h15-10h30 Pause
10h30-12h00 Workshop I: Sicherer Umgang mit Daten: Überblick über Tools
Workshop II: Einführung in das Forschungsdatenmanagement N.N., Servicezentrum digital gestützte Forschung
Workshop III: Verschlüsselung von Daten und Emails sowie sicherer Umgang mit dem Smartphone in der Praxis