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What are the advantages to me?

  • Studying at the host university without paying a tuition fee
  • Help with organizing your time abroad
  • Some financial support (“Mobility Grant”, approx. €180/month)
  • Full recognition of academic achievements abroad (based on the ECTS credit system)
  • ERASMUS intensive language courses

What are the requirements?

  • You must be a formally enrolled student of Philipps-Universität Marburg
  • Have completed your first year of study (except for MAs)
  • Complete at least 30 ECTS/semester abroad
  • Possess sufficient knowledge of the language of study of the host university
  • Conclude a study agreement before commencing time abroad (Learning Agreement), which confirms that academic achievements earned abroad will be acknowledged

What needs to be done before going abroad?


  • Online at " Mobility Online"
  • Written application (with application form, CV, passport photo, personal statement) submitted to your department
  • Application to the host university:
    • Your department only makes a nomination, the host university shall make the final decision
    • Formalities vary. Generally, these include an application form, Learning Agreement (LA), transcript of records (sometimes accommodation application is required)
    • Deadline: Middle of March-end of July

Learning Agreement

  • Generated via Mobility Online using the host university’s course catalog
  • Assign planned courses to the modules/sections of the course of study in Marburg
  • Submission: Depending on the host university being applied to or as soon as the current courses for the semester abroad are available
  • File or confirm Learning Agreement with department representatives (confirmation)
  • Print LA, obtain signatures from Marburg, obtain signatures from the host university (yourself or via department), upload the fully signed LA to Mobility Online
  • If there are any changes to your syllabus (the LA is usually generated using old course catalogs), fill out the Changes Form (also available via the Mobility Online platform), have it signed by your host university Erasmus coordinator and email/send/fax it to your department’s Erasmus coordinator.


  • After submitting your LA to your department, no further changes can be made.
  • If your department rejects your LA, you will receive an email explaining why and you can revise and re-submit the LA (it’s better to agree your LA with your department coordinator beforehand)
  • Courses must be registered on Mobility Online!
  • If a Learning Agreement has already been completed outside of the system, enter your courses in Mobility in accordance with your existing LA then upload the completed LA (old form)
  • If no LA is filled in or uploaded in Mobility, no changes can be made and no grant can be given.
  • An LA can be uploaded by a student a maximum of two times! (Check it is complete beforehand)
  • LAs can only be accepted once they are fully completed and signed.

Mobility Allowance

  • Grant for the additional costs of living abroad, approx. 180 Euros per month. Only granted for entire months (min. 16 days abroad)
  • Calculation based on actual duration of studies
  • Paid in 2-3 installments
  • Grant may have to be repaid if eligibility conditions are not met (academic achievements, duration, etc.)
  • Grants of up to 300 Euros/month (i.e. the Mobility Grant) will not count towards the BAFöG
  • Special support available for students with disabilities and students with children (information and applications available from the Department for European Education Programs)

Documents and deadlines

  • A few months before departure (April/May), the Department for European Education Programs will send out an information package containing the most important documents: BAFöG applications, applications for a leave of absence – you may take a leave of absence for the duration of your study abroad. You will remain enrolled at the university, but the semester will not count as an active semester. Please note that you cannot sit examinations (re-sit exams, etc.) at the University of Marburg during a leave of absence; however, you will receive full credit for any coursework completed while abroad (if agreed with the LA). In addition, you can have the fee for your semester ticket refunded by AStA while on a leave of absence (for confirmed studies abroad, this is possible even without taking a leave of absence). Your semester ticket will then be invalid.
  • Steps for taking a leave of absence, re-registering and semester ticket refunds:
    • Send a signed application form for a leave of absence (from the information package) to Student Affairs.
    • Pay the full semester fee.
    • You can use your new student card to have the money for the semester ticket refunded by AStA at the latest four weeks after teaching begins at Marburg.
  • Documents that must be returned to the Department for Outgoing Students and Staff:
  • Declaration of acceptance: -> at the latest 2 weeks before departure/beginning of studies (with a completed and confirmed LA)
  • Certificate of Arrival/Confirmation of Beginning of Studies -> at the latest 2 weeks after arrival/beginning of studies, confirmed by the host university
  • Certificate of Departure/Confirmation of End of Studies -> at the latest 2 weeks after your
  • return home, also confirmed by the host university
  • Progress report -> also at the latest two weeks after your return home
  • Changes to the LA (Changes Form) -> 1 month after starting your studies abroad
  • Transcript of records -> immediately upon receipt

What should be considered during your study abroad?

At the beginning

  • Register at the host university
  • Register with the local authorities
  • Return Certificate of Arrival (max. 2 weeks)
  • Submit Changes Form (max. 4 weeks)

At the end

  • Present Certificate of Departure (NOTE: not pre-dated!!)
  • Organize transcript of records in good time
  • Your host university will provide you with a transcript of records (ToR) to confirm the end of your study abroad. Partner universities usually send this to the University of Marburg and you will be informed as soon as it is received. In some cases, universities provide the students with the ToR directly. In this case, you should send it to the Department for Outgoing Students and Staff. After your transcript of records has been received, your Erasmus Coordinator will award your study credits earned abroad.
  • Exmatriculate from the host university
  • De-register with the local authorities
  • If necessary, terminate contracts and insurance policies in good time

What to do after your study abroad

  • Submit Certificate of Departure and progress report (max. 2 weeks after)
  • NOTE: An original copy of the detailed report must be signed and must be made available electronically!
  • Submit transcript of records
  • Have academic achievements recognized by your department

Contact addresses:
ERASMUS Coordinator and Commissioner at the Center for Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Dr. Leslie Tramontini

Deutschhausstraße 12, Raum 00 A46
35032 Marburg
Tel. +49 (0)6421 – 28 24 946
Fax: +49 (0)6421 – 28 24 829

Contact person for the discipline of Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Dr. Elyze Zomer

Deutschhausstraße 12, Raum 00 A44
35032 Marburg
Tel. +49 (0)6421 – 28 24 617
Fax: +49 (0)6421 – 28 24 829