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Principal Investigator

This is a picture of Sarah-Mai. She is wearing a yellow and white striped t-shirt. She is smiling.
Foto: Anna Scheidemann

Dr. Sarah-Mai Dang
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Research Assistants

A picture of Pauline Junjinger. She is smiling into the camera and wearing a black shirt.
Foto: Anna Scheidemann

Pauline Junginger (M.A.)
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The picture shows a portrait of Anne Hart.
Foto: Maria Werner

Anne Hart (M.Sc.)
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Student Assistant

This is a picture of Christiane. She is smiling.
Foto: Christiane Zahler

Christiane Zahler
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Former Research Assistants

Marlene Leonie Biebricher (M.A.)

Elsa Margareta Venzmer (M.A.)

Former Student Assistant

Yolanda Well Rull (B.A.)

Cooperation Partners