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What we are doing...

Research in the department is focusing on cardiovascular disease and cancer research, which are two of the most prominent biomedical disciplines. Both are leading causes of death in industrialized societies, and in both cases, the vasculature plays a central role. Additionally, cells from the blood stream are markedly involved in their pathogenesis. Moreover, several regulatory and signalling molecules governing apoptosis, proliferation and inflammation are of high interest.

Our laboratory research program aims to decipher the involvement of the different key players on cellular and molecular level for the development and progression of arteriosclerosis, stroke, cancer and tumor kachexia as well as therapeutical intervention. Primarily focussing on novel systemic biomarkers, signal transduction in various cells like macrophages, tumor and muscle cells, each of the lab’s teams has defined its research program and a primary technological platform expertise to facilitate a strong tutorial atmosphere and the distribution of the resources within the team.


Current Research:

     phytopharmaka on monocytes, macrophages and cancer cells



  • ATPase fibre typing
  • 2100 Bioanalyzer (Microfluids Chip Electrophoresis): RNA, DNA, Protein analysis
  • computer-assisted morphometry
  • light and fluorescence microscopy
  • (Immuno) electronmicroscopy
  • electrophoresis
  • (Immuno) histochemistry/cytochemistry
  • In situ-hybridization (non-radioactive, incl. generation of probes)
  • In vivo real-time contrast-enhanced ultrasound of sceletal muscle
  • conventional histology
  • Laser-microdissection
  • Northern-, Western Blot
  • Plasma-aminoacid-analysis
  • Quantitative real-time RT PCR
  • Protein purification
  • cell fractionation
  • cell culture

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