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Welcome to the Flow Cytometry Core Facility Marburg

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility Marburg is run by the clinic for hematology/oncology (Prof. A. Neubauer) and the institute for microbiology and immunology (Prof. M. Lohoff). Our shared facility is equipped with high-end flowcytometric instruments for analysis and cell sorting and has fundamental experience in a broad spectrum of flow-cytometric applications for research and clinical use. It is our policy to open the resources of our flow cytometry facilities to the research community. Highest priority for service, training and assistance will be given to research associates of the KFO210 “Genetic of drug resistance in cancer”. Other research groups are welcome to contact us. 






Core Facilities: "Zentrum für Tumor- und Immunbiologie"



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Fb. 20 - Medizin

Klinik für Innere Medizin, Schwerpunkt Hämatologie, Onkologie und Immunologie,
Baldingerstraße, D-35043 Marburg Tel. +49 6421/58-66273, Fax +49 6421/58-66358, E-Mail: neubauer@staff.uni-marburg.de

URL dieser Seite: https://www.uni-marburg.de/fb20/haematoonkol/forschung/fccf

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