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Bannergrafik (FB20)


• High speed cell-sorting with core operator support
• Training for data analysis on offline workstations (Flowjo)

  • UV laser equipment for analyses and sorting
  • Sidepopulation (SP) cell measurement and sorting
  • Intracellular phosphoprotein measurement
  • Multiparameter applications (up to five lasers/ 20 parameter) for cell-sorting
  • Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) 
  • 6 way sorting
  • Single cell deposits (up to 384 wells)
  • Security level up to S1/S2 
  • Gentechnik security level S1 and S2

We provide core unit services for:

KFO210 “Genetic of drug resistance in cancer”
• Other research groups are welcome to contact us.

Please contact Dr. Cornelia Brendel, Head of the Facility, for more information. 
Dr. Cornelia Brendel 
+49 6421-58-65061 

We established an online scheduling system to manage our resources.
As registered and approved user you can schedule online bookings for FACScan and LSRII on your own. Contact us to get your personal account.

Please click here to access our ONLINE SCHEDULING.

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