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Welcome to the Chair of Middle East Economics in Marburg!


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Middle East Economics
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Middle East
Economics team
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The political re-configurations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have increased the global attention to the socio-economic dynamic of this region. The MENA region is not only well-known for its sizable natural resources but it is also experiencing a significant demographic transition which has led to one of the “largest youth cohorts” in its history:

The so-called “generation in waiting”—a generation waiting for jobs and justice. In this region, political re-configuration alone will not guarantee a smooth transfer to the long run democracy without a well-functioning economic system. Understanding and analyzing the economics of the MENA region which is a part of the professorship profile will help the local and international policy makers in their strategic decisions.

Our department broad aim is to train students on the Middle East economics and introducing the economics of this key region in international peer reviewed outlets by good publications.

The main activities/objectives of our department at the CNMS are as following:

  • Fostering interdisciplinary dialog and joint research projects by connecting the field of economics (in School of Business & Economics- FB2) to the major Middle East research groups (at the CNMS);
  • Increasing knowledge about the Middle East Economics through lectures, publications in international refereed journals, policy briefs and media activities;
  • Promoting advanced research by young economists through supervising PhD and Postdoctoral candidates;
  • Establishing and improving connections with scholars in Middle East and international institutions for the field of Middle East Economics; 
  • Providing a rich teaching profile for both Economics and Middle Eastern students, and
  • Establishing an international MA/MS program on the Political Economy of Middle East at the CNMS (upgrading the existing “Economics of Middle East MS program” (EMEA)).

With the B.A. Oriental Studies, Specialization in Middle East Economics, the department contributes to a unique interdisciplinary study program which integrates oriental and economic studies. Subsequently, B.A. students majoring in economics are eligible to enter the Master programs of M.A. Politics and Economics of the Middle East Economics of the Middle East EMEA (previously M.A. Economic Change in the Arab Region) or M.A. International Development Studies.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your visit,

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Reza Farzanegan

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The 4th conference on Iran’s Economy in Marburg
The 4th conference on Iran’s Economy to be held at Philipps-University of Marburg, on 17-18 June 2016.

Open Position at Department
Research and Teaching Assistant (PhD Position) at the Middle East Economics Department

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Visiting Professor from Tehran University at Department
++Prof. Pooya Alaedini, Visiting Professor from Tehran University (9th Feb-31 March) at our Department!

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