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Prof. Dr. Mohammad Reza Farzanegan

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Badreldin

  • Articles in Refereed Journals

    Shakhbazov, M. and Badreldin, A. (2022) - "Am I better off changing my name to “Alexander”? Ethnic discrimination and its effect on wages in the Russian labor market", International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

    Badreldin, A. M. (2020) - "Applying Risk-Sharing to Mitigate Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic", European Journal of Islamic Finance, No. 16, Dec(2020), DOI:

    Farzanegan, M.R., Hassan, M., Badreldin, A. M. (2020) - "Economic Liberalization in Egypt: A way to reduce of the shadow economy?! in "Journal of Policy Modeling", Vol. 42, No. 2, pp.307-327. DOI:

    Badreldin, A. M. (2019) - "Transparency Problems in Cash Flow Transformation and Reserves Management in Islamic Investment Accounts" in "Journal of Islamic Finance", Vol. 8, No. 2. Available here.

    Badreldin, A. M. (2019) - "Redefining Natural Resources in Economic Research" in "Eurasian Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 7, No. 2, (2019) pp. 48-55, DOI: 10.15604/ejss.2019.07.02.004"

  • Articles in Journals

    Badreldin, A. M., and Kalhoefer, C. - "The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Bank Performance in Egypt" in "The Journal of Economic Policy & Research - Institute of Public Enterprise", Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 74-87, 2011.

  • Monographs

    Badreldin, A. M. - "Asset Pricing on Segments Markets: A Synthesis, an Extension and an Application to Islamic Financial Markets" -

  • Chapter in Edited Volume

    Farzanegan, M. R. and Badreldin, A. M. - "Shadow Economy and Political Stability: A Blessing or a Curse?" in "Lost in Translation: New Paradigms for the Arab Spring", Sussex Academic Press, 2017.

    Salem, R. A. and Badreldin, A. M. - "Assessing the Resilience of Islamic Banks: An Empirical Analysis" in "Islamic Banking and Financial Crisis - Reputation, Stability and Risks", Edinburgh University Press, 2014. 
  • Working Papers and Work in Progress

    Darrag, M., Yosri D., and Badreldin, A. M. - "Academic Dishonesty in Egypt - A Nation-Wide Study of Students in Higher Education" as a Working Paper at the German University in Cairo, Egypt, 2012. 

    Badreldin, A. M. - "Measuring the Performance of Islamic Banks by Adapting Conventional Ratios" in Opalesque, Islamic Finance Intelligence Issue 8, 2010.

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