Information for prospective PhD students

Supervision of PhD projects by Prof. Dr. Farzanegan

I consider the relationship between PhD supervisor and doctoral candidates a long-term collaboration beyond the PhD project. To achieve this sustainable collaboration, you as prospective doctoral candidate should clearly justify your choice of a PhD supervisor and I need to carefully check the academic merits and personal qualities of doctoral candidates. In case you are planning to do your PhD research in our research group and under my supervision, please consider carefully the following information:

Overall Requirements

You should have been graduated from a Master program in the field of theoretical or business economics with good grade (grade 2,0 or better). You need to have a very good command of English skills. Besides your research proposal, you should have a sample paper in English (term paper, thesis, or a publication) and a current CV.

Possible Topics for PhD Project

Your PhD research should extend the key research areas of our research group at CNMS with reference to economics of the Middle East and North Africa. Your research methodology should use quantitative approaches to test economic theories with reference to the relevant policy challenges of the MENA region. You can get some more insight on our research at: https://www.uni-marburg.de/en/cnms/middle-east-economics/research/publications

Your Proposal

Your PhD proposal (no more than 10 pages) should clearly present the main question(s), review of recent literature, contribution, hypothesis, data, method and a time plan.


Following evaluation of your general requirements, and proposal, I can inform you whether there is a possibility to supervise your project at our working group. In the positive case, you will be invited to an online interview in which your motivation and economic knowledge will be discussed.

Application and Admission

Once I accepted to supervise your PhD project, you need formally apply for PhD admission at School of Business & Economics. You will also need the nomination of second examiner at the early stage of your project. You find more information on contact person here: https://www.uni-marburg.de/en/fb02/research/phd-programme

PhD Project Agreement

Once you are formally accepted as a doctoral candidate, you and I will sign “Supervision Agreement / Work Plan and Schedule” that defines our mutual responsibilities and duties. You should brief me about PhD project progress each semester. You find the agreement and other information regarding Doctoral Regulations of the School of Business & Economics here: https://www.uni-marburg.de/en/fb02/research/phd-programme/doctoral-regulations/doctoral-regulations

Participation in the Research Programs of CNMS / School of Business & Economics

As a doctoral candidate at the Economics of the Middle East research group, you are obliged to participate regularly at doctoral courses and academic workshops or conferences. A total of 30 ECTS must be rendered here. The doctoral students of the School of Business & Economics have the opportunity to participate in the interuniversity MAGKS Doctoral Program (https://www.uni-marburg.de/en/fb02/research/phd-programme/magks-1/magks)  and the regular Research Colloquium (https://www.uni-marburg.de/en/fb02/research/research-colloquium/forschungskolloquium


External PhD candidates must have a clear financial plan for period of their PhD project. You should be willing to apply for available scholarships for PhD studies offered by different foundations such as DAAD (https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/phd-studies-and-research/phd-studies-in-germany/finance-your-phd/).