27.09.2020 Call for submission for special issue on 'Political Economy of Natural Disasters'

Professor Farzanegan is organizing a special issue on ‘Political Economy of Natural Disasters’ at the Journal of Risk and Financial Management — Open Access Journal.

This Special Issue focuses on the broad topic of “Political Economy of Natural Disasters” and includes novel research on the socioeconomic and political effects of disasters such as earthquakes, drought, sandstorm, flood and COVID-19 pandemic, among others. 

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 April 2021.

We invite submissions of original research that meet our usual standards for rigor (more details on peer-review process:https://www.mdpi.com/editorial_process https://www.mdpi.com/editorial_process). Papers going beyond the narrow boundaries of economics (interdisciplinary approaches) are particularly welcome. The theoretical arguments should be supported by econometric tests and suggestive evidence. We also welcome review articles, policy and opinion pieces on natural disaster management, case studies, and replication studies of key works in the field of Political Economy of Natural Disasters.

More details are available at https://www.mdpi.com/journal/jrfm/special_issues/political_economy_of_natural_disasters

Journal of Risk and Financial Management is ranked B in the 2019 ABDC Journal Quality List. You may download the list at the link below: https://abdc.edu.au/research/abdc-journal-list/2019-review/

If this proposal interests you, please feel free to contact me or the Assistant Editor Mr. William Wang (william.wang@mdpi.com) with any questions or ideas regarding manuscripts. 

We look forward to your submission.