19.07.2019 German Science Day 2019 in Cairo (Egypt)

Foto: Irene el Khorazaty
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University of Marburg actively participated in the DAAD Regional Office Cairo's 8th German Science Day on 16 July 2019.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Farzanegan (CNMS & FB02) and Dr. Michael Groll (Geography FB19/International Office) with coordination of Mrs. Irene el Khorazaty (Head of Liaison Office Cairo) and other members of the DAAD office introduced the research and study possibilities in Marburg and consulted with selected PhD/Postdoc/Lecturers from different universities in Egypt.

In addition, Prof. Farzanegan presented his joint study with his former PhD candidate from Egypt (Dr. Sherif Maher Hassan) on “How does the flow of remittances affect the trade balance of the Middle East and North Africa?” (published in Journal of Economic Policy Reform) in this year's German Science Day.

More information: https://www.daad.eg/en/2019/05/23/german-science-day-2019/