07.02.2019 New Publication at the Journal of Arabian Studies

Foto: MRF

The CIRS SPECIAL ISSUE: The "Resource Curse" in the Persian Gulf is now online in the Journal of Arabian Studies. Different research projects were developed, discussed and presented in two working groups at the Center for International and Regional Studies - Georgetown University in Qatar. This research initiative focuses on the veracity of the resource curse thesis explanation for many of the political, social, and economic dynamics in the region in the context of the current downward price cycle. More information on this program: https://cirs.georgetown.edu/research/research-initiatives/resource-curse-gulf

As a result of these working groups and excellent support of the CIRS team, six research articles have been published in the Journal of Arabian Studies which provides a rich source of updated data and analyses for interested scholars in the field of the resource curse.

Professor Farzanegan's contribution on “The Impact of Oil Rents on Military Spending in the GCC Region: Does Corruption Matter?” as well as other papers are available at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjab20/8/sup1