• Foto: Regina Gerlach-Riehl


The Institute represents the two disciplines of pharmacology and clinical pharmacy in research and teaching. It comprises 3 research groups with a total of approx. 30 employees active in various functions.

The groups deal with different research topics in experimental pharmacology and health services research.

 The focal points at a glance:

  • Prof. Bünemann (Pharmacology) - G protein signal transduction
  • Prof. Culmsee (Clinical Pharmacy) - Mitochondrial mechanisms of neuronal cell death and optimisation of drug therapy (safety).
  • Prof. Kockskämper (Pharmacology) - Cardiac calcium signalling pathways

The Institute's research groups are active in a variety of national and international research networks and projects and work closely with partner institutions.

More information about our research and teaching courses may be found on the following pages.