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The Geographical Treatise in the Universal History of Giyorgis  Walda Amīd - Edition, Translation and Commentary

PhD-project by Carsten Hoffmann

In my dissertation project I work on a geographical treatise from the Universal History by Giyorgis Wäldä Amid. This volume was compiled in the 13th century AD by a Coptic Christian Ǧirǧis al-Makīn Ibn al-ʿAmīd. It was translated into Ethiopic presumably in the 15th century.

I have investigated 16 additional manuscripts and included them into my critical edition based on 19 Ethiopic manuscripts, as well as two Arabic textual witnesses.

Three of these manuscripts were already processed and commented in my MA thesis "Die Handschrift Éth. d'Abbadie 20 - Text, Übersetzung und Kommentar" (2013).