27.06.2018 New Publication

An Analysis of Sexual Violence - The Relationship between Sex Crimes and Prostitution in South Korea. (Cho, Seo-Young, 2018. Asian Development Perspectives, forthcoming)


By analyzing the survey data of sex offenders in South Korea, this paper aims to explain how prostitution can be linked to sex crimes. The empirical findings show that buying sex is positively associated with committing a sex crime and the experience of paying for sex with a minor exacerbates the severity of sex crimes. These results indicate that one type of risky sexual behaviors – buying sex – can be aggravated to a more serious type of sexual violence, such as rape. However, these findings are drawn in South Korea where prostitution is prohibited, and the same conclusion may not be replicated in places where the risks of buying sex are minimized through the legalization of prostitution. Nonetheless, the complementary relationship between prostitution and sex crimes found in this paper indicates that allowing commercial sex may not be a viable solution to reduce sex crimes.