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MACIE Seminar

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The MACIE seminar series takes place - unless otherwise stated - on Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 pm.

MACIE Seminar in the winter term 2021/22
In this winter term, Macie Seminar speeches will be announced at short notice. Please have a look at this page from time to time.

Seminar schedule for the summer term 2021
In Summer Semester 2021, the MACIE Seminar is held in an online format. Those interested in attending, please register with the ILIAS group: "MACIE seminar online" to receive the login data before each video conference.

Date Speaker Topic
22.04.2021 Gerald Eisenkopf
Universität Vechta
Leadership and Cooperation in Growing Teams
20.05.2021 Peter Tillmann
Universität Gießen
Financial Markets and Dissent in the ECB's Governing Council
postponed to
Navid Sabet
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Legal Status, Local Spending and Political Empowerment: The Distributional Consequences of the 1986 IRCA

Seminar schedule for the winter term 2020/21

Date Speaker Topic
19.11.2020 Hanna Hottenrott,
TU München
Public Subsidies and the Sources of Venture Capital
21.01.2021 Marek Giebel,
Copenhagen Business School
Patent Enforcement and Innovation
04.02.2021 Claudia Herresthal,
Universität Bonn
Hidden Testing and Selective Disclosure of Evidence

Seminar schedule for the winter term 2019/20

Date Speaker Topic
17.10.2019 Steffen Eibelshäuser,
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.
The Evolution of Price Cycles in the German Retail Gasoline Market


Abu Bakker Siddique,
TU München
Behavioral Consequences of Religious Education
05.12.2019 Gonzague Vannoorenberghe, Université Catholique de Louvain Recovering Within-Country Inequality From Trade Data

Tuesday, 14.01.2020 12.30h

Pierre Boyer,  École Polytechnique–CREST. Politically feasible reforms of non-linear tax systems
16.01.2020 Menusch Khadjavi Do Scientists Tell the Truth? Evidence from a Field Experiment
23.01.2020 Bernhard Ganglmair, ZEW The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs
30.01.2020 Andreas Pondorfer, Universität Bonn Animal Spirits: The natural geography of economic behavior
Tomomi Miyazaki, Kobe University,
Stock Market Response to Public Investment under the Zero Lower Bound: Cross-industry Evidence from Japan
06.02.2020 Martin Rohleder,
Uni Augsburg
The Effect of Unobservable Constraints on Portfolio Management: Evidence from Separate Account-Mutual Fund Twins

Seminar schedule for the summer term 2019

Date Speaker Topic
18.04.2019 Andreas Landmann
Universität Göttingen
Gender Aspects in Low-Income Health Insurance: Evidence from Pakistan
25.04.2019 Cancelled!
02.05.2019 Catherine Roux
Universität Basel
Competition Policy for Exclusionary Pricing: Experimental Evidence
09.05.2019 Stefan Ruenzi
Universität Mannheim
The Impact of Role Models on Women's Self-Selection in Competitive Environments
Hendrik Hakenes
Universität Bonn
 Financial stability and the allocation of the deposit base in the banking system


Yukio Koriyama
École Polytechnique-CREST, F-Palaiseau

The Winner-Take-All Dilemma

06.06.2019 Lars Hornuf
Universität Bremen
Paralyzed by shock: The portfolio formation behavior of peer-to-business lending investors

Johanna Gereke
Universität Mannheim
Foreigners in hostile hinterlands: Local exposure to refugees and right-wing support in Eastern Germany after the 2015 refugee crisis
postponed to 04.07.2019! Nick Zubanov
Universität Konstanz
Skill dispersion, firm productivity, and production technology: new empirical evidence and implications
11.07.2019 Cancelled!

Seminar schedule for the winter term 2018/19

Date Speaker Topic
18.10.2018 Carsten de Dreu
Leiden University /University of Amsterdam
Revisiting the Form and Function of Conflict - Neurobiological, Psychological and Cultural Mechanisms for Attack and Defense Within and Between Groups


Pierre-Guillaume Mèon
Université Libre de Bruxelles
A Positive Effect of Political Dynasties: the case of France’s 1940 enabling act

Volker Hahn
Universität Konstanz
Committee Decision-Making under the Threat of Leaks

Andreas Lange
The risks that farmers take: An experiment on externalities with individual thresholds
Room AA110
Leonie Gerhards
Universität Hamburg
Deliberative Structures and their Impact on Voting Behavior under Social Conflict
Room AP1
Andreas Grunewald
Universität Frankfurt/Universität Bonn
Obfuscation in Auto Loan Intermediation

Jan Marcus
Universität Hamburg
The Effects of Tuition Fees on Study Duration and Completion
31.01.2019 Nora Szech
Universität Karlsruhe
The (In)Elasticity of Moral Ignorance
14.02.2019 Matthias Uhl

Seminar schedule for the summer term 2018

Date Speaker Topic
19.04.2018 Simon Dato
University of Bonn
Talent Hoarding
26.04.2018 Sandra Jednak
University of Belgrade
Economic performance and measurement of the development
03.05.2018 Heiko Karle
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Competition and Information Quality in the Market for News
17.05.2018 Alfred V. Guender
University of Canterbury
Credit Prices vs. Credit Quantities as Predictors of Economic Activity in Europe: Which Tell a Better StorY?
24.05.2018 Helmut Herwartz
Universität Göttingen
Structural volatility modelling with applications to spillover analysis and value-at-risk
07.06.2018 Vojtech Bartos
LMU München
Evidence for Direct Effect of Poverty on Time Preference: An Experiment with Ultra-poor Farmers in Uganda
14.06.2018 Florian Neumeier
ifo Institut München
Inequality and Extremist Voting: Evidence from Germany
21.06.2018 Hartmut Kliemt
JLU Giessen            
On the Nature and Significance of -- (Ideal) Rational Choice Theory
28.06.2018 Matthijs van Veelen
University of Amsterdam   
In and out of equilibrium: a unified theory of evolution in repeated games with population structure      
05.07.2018 Sebastian Ebert
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Decision Making When Things Are Only a Matter of Time
5.00 pm (!)
Massimo D'Antoni
Università di Siena
Asymmetric Learning and Deterrence when the  Probability of Sanctions is unknown