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The Marburg Centre for Institutional Economics (MACIE) pools the research activities on Institutional Economics within the School of Business & Economics. It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas with external researchers in seminars, workshops and conferences. The School's focus on Institutional Economics dates back at least to 1957, when Prof. Dr. Karl Paul Hensel established the research centre “Forschungsstelle zum Vergleich wirtschaftlicher Lenkungssysteme”. Since 2007, the research centre is known as the “Marburg Centre for Institutional Economics” (MACIE).

The strong commitment towards the research focus on Institutional Economics is also reflected in the hiring policy. An internationally recognized contribution in the field of Institutional Economics has been a major selection criterion in all hiring procedures since 2003. The faculty's competence in Institutional Economics is accessible to students through a course and seminar program, especially in the Master of Science in Economics and Institutions.