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Prof. Dr. Evelyn Korn

Foto: Rolf K. Wegst

Universitätsstraße 24, 35037 Marburg
Phone: +49 (0) 6421-28-23902
Email: korn[at]

Evelyn Korn is professor of Microeconomics. In her research she uses game theoretic models to explain how institutions impact individual behavior. In applications to current questions of political economy, she uses this approach to contribute to the design of family-oriented welfare policies as well as to understand governance structures that enhance sustainable land management in economies with a low level of market integration. She is also engaged in interdisciplinary research: As a member of the «Marburg Center of the Ancient World (MCAW)» she participates in a research project that analyses the interaction between cultural, political, and economic institutions in pre-modern societies. In collaboration with evolutionary ecologists she analyses adaptation to environmental conditions in humans and non-human organisms.